Aya Matsuura thread 2008 Week 3 (January 15 - January 21)

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First silenceglaive amused us with one of his Five Stars reviews: Anyone missed the last review? It's already tuesday again
So first 8.1.2008
Ayaya starts out with the usual cheerfull gretting and makes a pretty long speech about Heisei (the year counter) and also Staff members and so on. I asume it was about how many ppl around are now around which were born in Heisei (Ayaya must be the timespan before). The mail part is not so easy this time .. although there is a pretty big part with her taliing about eating different stuff .. I hear also something with Apples and drinking
The "how less can you understand" part goes on pretty well since the personality corner is like "blablaglibberish" My intuition says me that she talked something about her beeing not that tall or so .. dunno ..whatever.
And in the ending I guess there was something about her saying something about the caceltaion of the new single .. and that she is fine or so ... maybe someone can listen to that important part

15.8. (today )
Haha this time I am quick ^^ After the greeting Ayaya talks a bit how she is in the H!P concerts lately and (imho) she does not see her family that much. She also talks about her ?middle younger sister? (does Ayaya have more then one ? .. or is "manaka imouto" something different? ... Up to the mail part : wellt here is apperently none.. She talks all the time about her "manaka sister" .. sadly I do not understand much ... sounds pretty interesting ... I heard something out about Ai-chan mitai ni ... and that they took some pictures and she is somehow greatfull to her older sister (Ayaya).
The personal corner is also Family related .. abotu mama / papa and and so on ... dunno much about it. I asume this show would be very informative about Ayaya. And one funny remark .. Ayaya stumbeled first time in saying the email adress (once in the liek 100 times she did already)

Several newcomers were welcomed to the Aya thread like Xiahou Yuan, Kittiwindx or REtiRO who confessed: Her voice is just lovely! When she performed the song "happiness" believe it or not... Tears came out of my eyes... Its just beautifully sang! Lots of her song brings me to tears actually. Everyone's favorite is still one particular performance though: ILoveMico recapped: I still in love with the perform on SHINKA NO KISETSU , i'm sure that was the best in all time. And Vermillion added: I agree, that SHINKA NO KISETSU performance of "Happiness" is better than the studio version. She really makes the listener "feel" the song, at least it has that effect on me when I listen to it. Matt of course hastened to make them aware (shameless pulg here as well) of the Matsuurian Archives and BBS.

That nice Double Rainbow tour DVD promo found its way to youtube:

There was another discussion about her cancelled single, but as RobinHead pointed out: She stressed on her radio show that it's been postponed, not canceled, but with UFA, who knows?

Matt mourned Man, these are really slow Aya days. Only news I have is Yossie mimicking the Aya stare in the new "Gyao Midtown" episode again. and to that matadesuyo added: Check out the new MIDTOWN TV (2008/01/17) if you already haven't. There's a nice Ayaya scene where they show a clip from the Elder Club's performance in HP 2008 Winter Concert. Ayaya is featured frequently where she starts out with her singing the "lead off" for 'Kashimashi Monogatari' and then sings the parts of Gocchin in 'The Peace'. Matt reported And everyone on the show seems to talk about her too. At least I hear "Ayaya" and "Matsuura" quite often...

matadesuyo8 picked up on that with some interesting info and links: Makes perfect sense . She is afterall the biggest star in HP and so it's natural that the other girls might talk about her (whether that's out of envy, admiration, a desire to want to become as popular as her, etc, etc). EX: Mixi is one of the biggest Japanese online communities. It kinda provides a pretty good gauge about the popularity of celebrities in Japan, including the various HP members. Ayaya has been #1 in popularity by a significant margin for quite some time. (But heck, this mixi ranking doesn't come as much of a surprise to me. I mean, it isn't any secret (at least not in Japan) regarding Ayaya's popularity/ranking with the general public compared to the other HP members.). Here's a thread/topic about Mixi on this forum:
Mixi H!P Popularity Ranking
+ December 2007 mixi ranking + November 2007 mixi ranking + October 2007 mixi ranking

REtiRO found some more youtube performances: Love Namidairo with orchestra + Momoiro Kataomoi with W + Suki Sugite solo, Melodies solo:

  and of course the Happiness performance:

Nights4Saturn found a nice link to a Pachinko machine running (gonna tell you in a few months' time what it's really like :-)

Finally some new pictures again: with matadesuyo8 shouting Ouch! Oh, French Maid Ayaya, please come and clean my house! jw042693 was wondering about that helix piercing but Kreuz Asakura thought I think that it just a presion one (is that correct? ) Maybe it was just for the concert or maybe is new? I hadn't seen it before either.

matadesuyo8 also brought us this Music Station talk with the 2001 Shuffle Groups:

And Matt closed the week with the Meringue caps (more in the Matsuurian BBS):

silenceglaive thought Somehow Ayaya looks like she had to hurry getting her clothes on and N4S especially liked the first one in the second row: That's a fun one! She looks so happy. Ninja-Man commented: I must say that Aya has some of the most amusing expressions I've ever seen. I'd imagine you time it just right to get the best shot of it, but still. I'm surprised your strips are used more often for comic uses. And the scary one really is scary. I've seen trannies that look better. But two people jumped in to defend her honor :-) matadesuyo8 wrote: True. Hisamoto Masami or "Machami" ain't exactly a beauty queen by any means. But she's a pretty funny comedienne, and believe it or not, probably one of the most popular female entertainers in Japan (according all of those surveys and polls they take in Japan.). Think 'Whoopi Goldberg', and Whoopi ain't exactly a beauty queen either. And Matt went on: I love Hisamoto. She certainly ain't pretty, but her lack of etiquette sometimes and her ability to make the guests feel welcome and talk is something that Aya can learn a lot from. And Aya and Hisamoto seem to get along very well.

Cya next week :-)))