Aya Matsuura thread 2008 Week 5 (January 29 - February 2)

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First of all a little tip: On the Matsuurian BBS there is a link to a little java chat. And we don't bite :-)

Secondly I am going back to the week ending on Saturday with this review.

The week begins with Matt flooding the thread with 50 officials:

while these came from the H!P 2008 winter tour these four are from the Xmas dinner show....CLEAVAGE!!!!!!

Well, the pics were greeted with alot of enthusiasm. Especially the maid of course :-)
SuMatsuura: Aya looks great with this costume, she´s really gorgeous!
Chobi: *fan girl screams* CHOTTO KAWAII!!!! Thanks for the pics Matt! *huggles* (still waiting :-)
Kantana: STOP IT! STOP IT! I already sent her the maid application form after the first pic. Don't kill me before she accepts the job!
and the boo...errr cleavage...
Alienpyon: Bad boy Matt got more?
Chobi: *slaps Alienpyon on Aya's behave* Dear lord, here we go again... This is going to cause another 5 page male obsessive fest over Aya's boobs. But I can't help but love these two (pics); she's too gorgeous!
Kantana: I'm joining the hysteria! Seriously, matt, those were four great ones. Well, actually, that's...eight, ain't it?
Ninja-Man: Ok those pictures pose a safety hazard to forum users. I'm gonna have to confiscate all the copies and the originals plus any others you have. Thank you for your compliance in this matter.
Nights4Saturn: Dang...
(The purple eyeliner actually looks really cool!)
and topped by ILoveMico: or in Tuhis "words": Ninja-Man: <BOOM> ninja down ...
Chobi: *proceeds in sweeping up the bodies of the dead Ayaya wotas*
Matt: Hope you'll never find those topless Aya videos in the archives....I wouldn't want to be arrested for murder...
RyuBatsu: This is about, hmmm 3rd time i visited this page, and my first time to post, and this is what I get. WOW! and DANG! *nosebleeding*

Silenceglaive came forth with another Five Stars review: Better late then never ^^ Ayaya Radio show from the 22.1.
Lately Ayaya has gotten a habit telling how cold it is. First mail is about someone that says something like Ayaya has a big influence on her/him and how she waits for the Live DVD from the last Tour. Ayaya is really happy about that mail. She talks quite a while about the Tour and so on ... didn't get too much from that too.
The "Ayaya talks about anything"-corner is this time about how much she drinks black tea lately. And how she thinks she is after all a japanese drinking it that much. And how she prefers it over coffee (imho). Lucky for me that time that I know the words for that. As closer she advertises the Autum Tour DVD again.
Onto to the show of yesterday :
She talks about a all H!P PPl thing happening Hello Pro Hour so far I understood. And she advetises the DVD again ^^...
First mail is from a fan (hehe who would have thought that), he seems to have bought the live DVD and praises it as cute and so on And he does also a request for some song from the dinner show. Ayaya speeds pretty fast through that mail .. I was like O_oooo. Next mail, Ayaya is asked who is her favourite "dunno exactly what" now. Ayaya is pretty wavering around and tells something about family again I asume. Sometimes I feel dumb.
Hmn again a week of "WTH is she talking about" in her personality corner he says something about some DVD and so on. But at least it's enjoyable to listen to Ayaya speediely talking .... She talks about some Yuusuke-san that acts in some dorama .. sadly I did not hear the firstname .. if it is a current one .. maybe she means the Yuusuke in Binbo Daishi ... dunno ... Afterwards she advertises a bit Melon Kinembi's Mini Album.
That was is for the show then. She is already in Valentins-day mode somehow.

Some new faces appeared in the thread: TRA, drahzaar, RyuBatsu, chibimaki and stillaibon who posted this lovely serial pic:

discofever was looking for Aya commercials, and by now Matt has uploaded about 90% of them to the archives...

Matt also reported recurrent problems with the server that the Matsuurioan BBS is located on. So if you can't connect please be patient. It will return...

Thanks to sville1999 we now know the dates of Aya's 2008 spring tour:

13:30 / 14:30
17:00 / 18:00

13:00 / 14:00
16:30 / 17:30

14:30 / 15:30
18:00 / 19:00

14:30 / 15:30
18:00 / 19:00

13:00 / 14:00
17:00 / 18:00

14:30 / 15:30
18:00 / 19:00

5,250 - 6,300 yen

Was about time we have heard something from Aya. Been bloody quiet lately. Plus today's Meringue hasn't appeared yet which is driving me crazy. As Matt later found out the upload site was having problems with split files. Luckily for the Feb 9 episode everything was back to normal again.

So this week won't conclude with the caps. But as N4S pointed out: Very nice. Glad to hear she has another tour!

Cya next week :-)))