Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 1 (Dec 29 - Jan 5)

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The week started off with a continuation of the discussion about how dominant Ayaya really is (especially in her relationship with Miki), spurred by the Hello Morning trial. Consensus more or less is that she is a lot tougher than she appears.

blackvelvet reported the end of Aya's appearances on Utawara which had been reduced to very little in the past anyhow.

Mattthecat showed no signs of humility again, trying to prove his relationship with Matsuura with an incredibly bad fake which prompted understandable hate tirades by some members of this thread.

This however led to suggestions to make Aya UN General Secretary or even better World Ruler to which there were no vetos.

Matthecat tried to console everyone with a very secretive post, a HQ dinner performance audio rip. If you still want it, PM the Kraut.

Also posted was a clip from the NHK after show

together with one clip itself (the other available here)

and some pictures from Cawaii magazine

and a picture of Aya together with former PM Koizumi on the occasion of her anti-drug camapaign from June

zoolander gave us this nice Kimono pic:

and it was clarified which file sasshi had uploaded at the tracker

This brought on a discussion about Aya's friendship with BoA (who appeared in that show along with Tsunku). And the birthday message Aya send BoA on her 20th bday: “Now we can drink together,” it said. “I want to go to an old tavern to drink. And find a handsome guy to have a handsome love affair with.”

In this one from the collage they look like they already have been to that tavern...

sLaVe4MM gave us a link to Matthew's Best Hit TV where BoA talked about Aya:

And tern posted a collage of an Utawara episode from October 29 which Matthecat promised to look for (remind him!)

toxic025 posted a pic from a magazine he had bought:

Then there were some caps for the Shinshun Kakushi Geidaikai No.44 from Jan 1

And Ayaya's new clothing line: (seems that these HP shawls sell really well)

Alienpyon posted a link to a very nice Viyuden performance of "The Bigaku"

All in all we had some good laughs, though there were pleas for H!P64 to return and bring some seriousness back to this thread :-)