Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 10 (Mar 4 - Mar 10)

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The week started off with this:

As gueseed quite rightly this came from a commercial. Three Kirin spots from 2006 were uploaded.

jw042693 posted a new pic for the GAM single promotion, Matt adding some more (which got sailormari aroused because of the black stockings :-)


And then marqual came through and posted the remaining two Aya no DNA episodes !!!! Here is the whole lot: Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4. This made even Aya excited:

He also posted that subbed lemon-licking commercial jw was referring to:

TheBlackTower's question regarding the Lu Lu Lu release was answered with a screencap from that MTV show Aya did:

First off some more images:


He also posted a picture of Tsunku which needs a bit of explanation. I come from the more rowdy world of usenet and don't mind having fun with certain topics. Which is one of the things that bug me most about forums like ours where things are too often handled with a seriousness which quite frankly they don't deserve. We are not dealing with cures for cancer, the climatic changes in the world or the relief of mass starvation in Africa. We are talking about pop music, nothing more and nothing less. I don't think anyone can question the fact that I am a huge HP fan and I love the girls and even the Tsunkster. I am spending way too much time on them as it is. But I don't mind :-) But I also can put my fandom in perspective and can laugh about it and myself. And so should everyone else. Because taking all of this too seriously is dangerous to your mind and health :-)
This little manipulation was done as a reaction to some people taking the translation and interpretaion of the LuLuLu lyrics to hitherto unknown heights of literary forums while at the same time denouncing others who just want to have fun (and I am NOT talking about supapurin!). This combination angers me immensily. This was written in light of possible similar posts in the future:-) So here is Tsunku brainstorming about the song lyrics:
of course it was based on Frank Zappa's famous picture:Surprisingly enough the picture was not met with the furor I expected :-))))
Fumiko even admiited of having undressed Zsunku herself before:

To make up for this Matt posted three nice and unusual images of Aya:


A new face appeared in the thread: erlina_kath03 was wondering if "Tonari no Totoro" was indeed sung by Aya. Which it was. It was performed at the 2003 Expo, together with "Sanpo": And here's the video and audio: 1 2 3 4

gernsback kindly reseeded the EXPO Super Guide - Aichi Expo Special with MM which was hosted by Aya. Here it is: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and here are some caps with Aya:

Three more items on the tracker: The requested 2005 concert , a smaller Lu Lu Lu video without the MTV logo and two new commercials for Youfuku no Aoyama clothing (one had been upped in an inferior form earlier)

Another newcomer on the thread was ILoveMico thanking everyone for the post. In celebration of those two new faxces Aya did her traditional Welcoming dance:though tern (the new version of Zubattou?) and sailormari (i am sorry but i have to go and not keep Miki waiting dance) had other interpretations.


Matt then posted another round of pics:
and a little hilarious video of Aya driving Matthew insane during an episode of Matthew's Best Hit TV :-)


That's all folks. Cya next week :-)