Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 11 (Mar 11 - Mar 17)

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The question whether Aya would make Miki wait was answered by Matt reminding us of the Music Fighter episode which had been subbed by HPS. Which prompted Fumiko to tell everyone to take a bath together with a friend...okay guys who has ever taken a bath with your male friend and live to tell about it? :-)))) Oh, and Greyface did marvel about the size of bathtubs in Japan...which might help when it comes to sharing bathwater...
You can find it in this Rapidshare folder as a 7-part rar.

Next came supapurin with a wonderful assessment of Aya's bodily shape: "Though this may sound kind of odd coming from a Fujimoto Miki fan, one of the reasons I love Aya is that she isn't excessively thin or skinny - but she's nowhere near "fat". She's right in that perfect range." He also added proof of the fact with a picture:
sailormari went a step further in saying that "she has the best face expressions and she looks great in almost anything she wears", the latter part being profoundly disagreed on by Matt who still wishes that Aya had Chisato Moritaka's costume designer. But more about that later...

Fumiko then delighted us with another one of her cartoons, in this case a serious one: "She is preparing for jazz and blues career. Jazz singer must tell personal stories to change rhythm of show in night club, yes? This also makes close relationship between singer and audience members."

Matt then announced the existence of a Rapidshare account where all bigger files from now will be stored. Which means that they (in contrast to free uploads) will not expire. Right now there are two folders (more to come) that everyone can browse: Folder 1 Folder 2

bejean then mentioned that Aya reminded him of Maria Takagi which was agreed upon. Here's some Maria as proof:
Fumiko was wondering how far she could go posting Maria pictures According to marqual Aya became a bit irroitated:

No real answer was given on Dr.Jackjal's question if there only have been 4 "Aya no DNA" episodes. The running length DVD hints that there could be more though.

The GAM phone booth bit on the March 12 episode of "Hey!Hey!Hey!" was uploaded on the tracker.

A subbed version will follow in the RS folder. supapurin was kind enough to summarize it for us:

note - this interview has a good example of the Japanese using repetition of words and phrases for emphasis.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Telephone Box
Tonight - Matsuura Aya and Fujimoto Miki's special unit GAM, in studio for a rehearsal
Miki and Aya enter the room - Miki says she's surprised, then she says it's scary.
The telephone box character says that he heard that GAM means a girl with beautiful legs in English.
Aya says that GAM means Great Aya and Miki, and that Tsunku heard about the English meaning later.
The telephone box then asks who has the prettier legs.
Miki says it's a hard question. Aya says she's never heard of it. Miki says that she'll just go ahead and say herself.

The telephone box asks if they ever go out to eat together. They say they do.
The telephone box says he's heard Aya loves curry udon. She agrees. The box then asks where a good place they've eaten good curry udon together.
It's a place called Kyosuzu in Shibuya. Other Hello Pro members seem to go there.

The telephone box then says he's heard that Miki is a balance ball maniac.
Miki says it's not that she's a maniac - it's that she has a bad back and uses one for low impact training.
The telephone box says that there coincidentally is a balance ball in the room - the girls didn't realize it.
Miki asks if that means she should use it - Aya tells her to do it.
Miki demonstrates her exercises. Aya says she looks like a bug.

The box then says he's heard that Aya has developed some bad drinking habits.
Aya denies it - she says she likes to go out after work and be "happy" and it's basically ok because there are people to look out for her.
Miki recounts that Aya does things like hitting her makeup artist with a toy hammer while she's drunk - "isn't that terrible?"

The box says that Aya has had some terrible misconceptions lately. Aya asks what they are.
The box says he heard that Aya thinks that humans can contract computer viruses from their computers.
Miki confirms that Aya thinks that - and that's the reason why Aya wouldn't use her computer after buying it.

Commercial for Lu lu lu, released 3/21

Especially the fear of viruses provoked a few comments, Matt admitting that he had caught the HP bug on the inernet.

Before that supapurin had already translated her telling us about her grandmothers in the Spring 2005 concert:

Aya's Monologue - starts around 23:45
It's the 5th of May, isn't it? What day is it? Adult's Day?! It's Children's Day.
Well, this is a somewhat embarassing, but I will turn 19 this year. (Audience: Ehhhh?!)
Will you please get in line?! Seriously... (Iikagen ni shitekureru?! is a gentle scolding, used on me often as a child by my mother, approximated here.)
Well, I'm not 25 years old, alright? Is that okay?
When I turned 18, I won an award as one of the Best 10 Dressers, didn't I? Representing 10-19 year olds.. I did win. That should clearly be proof enough.

Anyway, even though I'll be turning 19, even though I'm becoming this old, I still, always, on Children's Day, get spending money from my grandmother.
(Aud: Ehhh?!) Hey, hey, hey... hold on a bit, will you?
Hey.. wait... well, certainly, I am properly working, but.. and... I'm pretty much a working adult with a career, but...
For my grandmother, I'll always be her granddaughter, right? Right?
And, so, my grandmother is always saying "please accept this, please accept this" out of love.
And when I do accept it, she gets so excited, so even now I'll properly take (gifts), but..
But, I wonder if that all ends this year.
Next year, since I'll be turning 20 years old (hatachi - legal age of adulthood in Japan), next time, of course, I'll be rightly giving (gifts) to my grandmothers, right? That's what I'm thinking.
And, you know... don't look at me too closely... (Aya makes a hand sign for money - talking about, or even mentioning, money is traditionally considered rude and inappropriate in this kind of setting)... giving "this" is kind of unpleasant.. it's gross, right?
That's why, even through my family members, I've been gently prodding them with "Isn't there something Grandma has been wanting lately?" (rough translation)
And, doing that, "I really want to see Aya" and other things that can be done whenever is all they ever say.
However, just the other day, she let out a little bit "Well, my back does hurts just a little bit.." ... actually, she's not a grandma that answers like that.. she more a ballsy Grandmother who says "Grandma's back hurts, you know!..."
Still, she's sixty.. five? Is she there already? Maybe? She's still young, not really an age you'd be called a grandmother - but, I'm thinking right now of giving her a massage machine as a present.

That's my grandmother on my mom's side whom I'm planning on doing that for.
My grandmother on my dad's side, even now, rides around on a moped. Isn't that awesome? That grandmother is about 65 - whether it be rain, or wind, or typhoon, she rides around anyway. She goes over to the karaoke room and sings "Sougen no Hito," I've heard. She's asked my sisters to send her the (musical) score (for the song) - she's that lively a grandmother.
When I return to Kansai and do a concert, she's there in the second row. "Huh? Wait a moment - I think I've seen that person before somewhere," I thought, and right then, having written "I'm Aya's grandmother" on a fan, she's there yelling "Aaa!" One time, I was surprised to see standing on top of her seat. She's not that small a grandmother. I thought she was being a big nuisance (to those around her), so I gestured "Stop! Stop!" from the stage. Nonchalantly sending my love nonetheless. Because she is that lively a grandmother, I've been worrying about what would be good for her, and because it seems like she's always going to karaoke, so that she can do it at home, I'm thinking (of giving her) Karaoke Goods (equipment) right now. Give her one that rightly has ALL my songs in it, you know, so Grandma can sing more than just "Sougen no Hito," but sing, like, "Yeah! Meccha Holiday" and have her dance, so that she can benefit, that's what I'm thinking.

Well, today it's okay for the little kids to a little spoiled (rough translation) - understand? I said little kids, didn't I!
Little kids - be a little egotistical with mom and dad, okay?
All you adults - all you adults, be nice to the neighborhood... or to me!
Thank you... You're nice, huh?
As I just said, grandmothers, no matter how old you are, will always see you as grandchildren, so wouldn't it be okay to give them a call?
Call them, okay?

Thanks supapurin!! :-))))


As there had been several new members recently Matt tried in vain again to imitate Fumiko's cartoon art (and thx Fumi for the praise :-), entitled "Rivalry":

fulano was kind enough to answer erlina's question about double-quoting in the forum. As a thank you Matt made fun of him admitting his spelling errors. Shame on you, Matt.Hope fulano isn't still mad at me....

This prompted Fumiko to finally show how it's done again, while applying for that costume designer job as she agrees that her style is hopeless. sailormari applied too promising not to be too perverted. But we all do know him......:

Then came a series of picture postings by Marcello and Matt:
Our favorite Aya costume reminded Marcello of the Gremlins. What was that all about again? Don't feed Aya after midnight?

Next item were three youtube links (I will upload HQ versions asap). Two from the Alo-Hello2 video (repeating the Hawaii theme from last week):


And one of Matt's favorites which was especially liked by Fumiko :-) Aya and jazz great Yosuke Yamashita:

cls posted one of his excellent HQ collages, this one "Ne~e"Check out his blog :-)

alterstar had asked Matt to do an edit of the Aya-Melon Kinenbi acapella version of Dookki Doki Love Mail (discussed a couple of weeks ago). Here they are: Video Audio

Silverbolt meanwhile had uploaded a new edition of "Monthly Face" on MTV's M-Size

Matt found Aya singing"Honto ha ne" live, identified by erlina: "it was from her drama "Tenshi no Utagoe" The 1st part was Aya and the rest is by Yorico...." She also mentioned that there was a longer version of the new GAM single flip side "Family"on the last Dokimiki Night. Here it is

And closing the week some images again:


Cya again next week :-))