Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 12 (Mar 18 - Mar 24)

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First off I want to remind everyone that the Rapidshare folders have been reorganized and are growing rapidly (as the name suggests :-) They are all linked on the review mainpage. Some people seem to have trouble with the new server and the redirects. In which case just copy&paste the links in a new browser window.

Right now there are seven folders available: TV & Live ++ Concerts ++ Drama & Commercials ++ Audio & Other Stuff ++ Videos ++ GAM ++ Uta Doki mp3s


First off bejean posted a link to an older Aya Glico Papico commercial, asking if anyone had ever tried the product: You can download the video here. Turns out nobody knows for sure (bejean suggesting jello in a tube), but erlina_kath likes Pretz and sailormari Pocky sticks. Your poor editor can't find any of these products in Old Europe :-( But then BerryzMusume can't find them in Thailand either. Boy, they're really throwing away markets, don't they...

Hiatuslacuna started a short discussion about Aya's hairstyle in the new GAM video which was not a big hit among the members. Neither was the choreography, a sentiment echoed in the GAM thread.

Marcello posted two of these before in a lower res, plus two more from the same set:

He also posted some links announcing that there will be a GAM album later this year :-)))

Matt then posted a mp3 with a live performance of "Lu Lu Lu", labelled Shibuya 20070320, but neither in this nor the Aya thread anyone knew what the occasion was. Also some GAM covers were upped over in the GAM thread, here are on-topic ones:

kitamurafan wanted to know about whether GAM was a permanent unit. Nobody really knows, but it will probably last as long as they want. Because they're special friends, as Fumiko knows (okay she posted those in the GAM thread, but they're too good not to be included here):

Marcello then came up with some Ayaya Golf shots (is she working on an alternative career??)

Followed by Matt posting a downtown GAM overload evidence:

and a few random ones including what he calls "Aya's impersonation of Spiderwoman presenting the winners in this year's "Ugliest Interior Decorations" awards":

hurtwou uploaded the GAM appearance on Touban (is this Utaban under another name?) . Here are some collages:
The video is of course available in the Rapidshare GAM folder as well.

ILove Mico posted a site with emule links to Aya's First Concert Tour First Date 2002 which will be Matt's next uploading enterprise.

While playing around with the forum options and getting scared by them :-) Fumiko still found time to post an image from Aya's first PB (more to follow next week). With Aya jumping from joy I say Goodbye for this week.

Cya next one :-)))