Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 13 (Mar 25 - Mar 31)

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The week started with Funiko posting some more pics from one of Aya's first PBs:

sailormari hoping that he didn't leave any fingerprints on her car....

This was followed by a mixed bunch of images from Matt:

ILove Mico then kindly contributed two PVs as vobs (Momoiro Kataomoi and Tropica~l Koishite~ru), both in the Rapidshare PV folder.

And erlina_kath graciously posted the vid to the mp3 introduced last week, from that jdorama in which Aya portrayed Yoriko and her fight against cancer. This is the closing scene of the TV movie with Aya and Yoriko sharing the singing duties.

And the Fumiko followed up with a pic that she guessed the guys would like. Wonder what she meant by that..............and not surprisingly it brought out the best in sailormari again: "yes i want to kiss the future please let me kiss the future". I guess that's what Fumi meant.......

tern offered all Ayaya PVs on DC++ (Japanese Nation) or on special request,
and marqual gave us a link with a lot of Aya Karaoka PV torrents from the Mognet Translation Group.

Matt then posted a series of collages from the "Making of Lu Lu Lu" DVD:

sLaVe4MM wanted to know more about the 2006 Haru ~Otona no Namida~ Concert Tour, wondering if it had a jazzy touch. Alienpyon delivede the following review later on:

About this concert:
1. It's not Jazzy and piano-y. There are only 3 or 4 (fantastic) songs performed like that, but the rest is pure pop-Ayaya gig.
2. Country Musume kick total arse in there.
3. The combination Ayaya + Country Musume (ah, Miuna... ) when they perform together is impossible to beat.
4. The MC parts take too long
5. Buy it, it's a BEAUTIFUL show

supapurin (on light of the recent events surrounding Aibon) brought up the following question:

If I'm not mistaken, Aya said in a Utaban interview a couple years ago that she wanted to retire and have kids by the time she's 25 years old.
(and - more recently - that she doesn't particularly like the name "Ayaya" the way Miki has taken to "Mikitty").
She'll be 21 this year.
Think anything has changed?

Naturally enough everyone had their own answers (or none at all). The question of whether Aya was drinking has been answered by Miki herself on TV lately, relating the story of Aya htitting the make-up woman with na plastic hammer non-stop while being tipsy :-)

Matt reported the finished upload of the 2002 concert in the Rapidshare concert folder

and posted two more GAM pics:

Maiko ^o^ gave us the great news of a new Aya single coming up:

Matsuura Aya's 19th brand new single!
(just after GAM's 1st album)

Matsuura Aya 19th Single- Untitled
07.05.30 Onsale
Limited Edition CD+DVD
1680 Yen (Tax in)

Matsuura Aya 19th Single - Untitled
07.05.30 Onsale
Regular Edition CD Only
1050 Yen (Tax in)

..........which of course was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm...........and discussion about what is will sound like.

Matt reported several new files on the tracker: The voice over for the previous four episodes of Fuji TV's Earth Travels
+ The last part of the Monthly Face series on MTV's M-Size (here in the RS folder)
+ The GAM performance on Music Fighter (here in the RS folder)

A report in the HO news feed made Matt aware of that little MTV photo album accompanying the Monthly Face series: Here are the pics:

lilangel was wondering about Aya's hair length which would be the topic just a few posts later.

First supapurin had the audacity to post this: which prompted a more or lerss open death threat by your editor.....

On a lighter note subbversive reported a link about Aya and her new TV show "Meringue no Kimochi", two pictures as proof:
. Her appearance on this show brought out the critics in droves. Her harirstyle, costume and accessoires reminded everyone of past relatives. Just a few quotes:
That new hairdo looks like a wig. Now we not only have to get rid of her costume designer (that dress would have suited her grandma) but also her coiffeur... (Matt)
Those pics remind me of my aunt back in 1981. Only my aunt looked more "modern" than those screenshots. Besides getting rid of the hairdresser and the outfit designer, why not, also, give the axe to the guy who chose this earring?
thats funny Alien she reminds me my mom back in 1960 i have old photos and my mom had hair just like that and the earrings too (sailormari)
Ayaya's 'cranium accessories' look like extras from some bad movie 20-40 years ago.
Yaaah! She is driving backward full speed! I can see my mission clearly now: when I visit to Japan in May I shall volunteer to shopping and hair salon with her! She needs dedicated Rooster Girl to help with fashion and appearance! or she will continue to confuse costume and street clothes.

The earrings reminded Matt of this atroicity from a fgew years back:They had human sacrifices in old Mayan times for lesser reasons than that....
As a closing comment Fumiko remarked: Mayan Indian dressed victims in gold and jewels, yes? very large feather hats? and threw them into lake. If we visit to Mexico and find this lake...we shall find many H!P costumes for Matsuura!


Well, let's hope that next week will see a rejuvenated Aya and nice things to look forwad to. Cya then :-))))