Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 14 (Apr 1 - Apr 7)

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supapurin started the week introducing tie sales- and industry spokeswoman Aya: "Gambatte!" - Aya wants you to give your best for Japan's economic might and GDP."

After which he reminded us (and Aya) how she really should wear her hair: That re-started the style discussion from last week, and poor Aya was bombarded with critis´cism galore, erlina_kath at least liking her hair :-) tern was so shocked about the onslaught that he had to be reminded of the concept of "tough love". If you want to help someone close to you it makes no sense giving in when you know you have to be hard to make changes for the better. Ahem....

Considering the fact that idols rarely keep their hairstyle for more than two weeks there definitely is hope. Certainly more so than for Aya's pitching skills, as demonstarted by GAM's appearance at the Rakuten Eagles baseball game April 1st where they not only sang the Fight song but also thre out the first pitch. While Miki at least thre the ball in the catcher's glove, Aya's ball I hear hit a vendor outside the stadium... But see for yourself

Some members then volunteered to help Aya with her understanding of computer technology after Miki made fun of her belief that PC viruses can be contageous

Topped of course by a Funi cartoon:

GAM was quite busy this week, first performing at a Hey!Hey!Hey! special: Part1 Part2 Part 3

then later on Music Japan: Part1 Part2 Part3

sLaVe4MM then made us aware of a Sony special with Aya and BoA: There is a second shorter part too. I am trying to find the 25 minutes full episode (dated Feb 24, 2006, but have found only an incomplete one which I will edit and post when finished. Seems in the show they were talking about drinking again :-)

Some pictures were posted by Marcello and Matt:

Plus another one of cls' beauriful HQ collages:

supapurin thenn posted a haunting image, complete with his vision accompanying it: At some level, it reminds me of morning - it kind of tells a story by itself. Like, she has that "glow" about her, like she just got out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning, decided to go back out on the balcony to look at the scenery, and now she's looking back at you - probably still laying in bed with a newspaper and coffee, the leftovers of breakfast, just admiring you while thinking about... well...

The picture came from Aya's last photobook "A" - from 2005 :-( .........Marcello posted av few more samples:

Matt then uploaded several commercials (plus an interesting bit "Edmusic" rom an unknown source). They can be all found in the Commercials and Other stuff folders. The commercials are for Gogo no Kocha, Shiseido, Suzuki, Epson and some Chinese stuff :-)

supapurin then rightfully posted another cap for the Suzuki spot: Racequeen Ayaya

Matt then discovered a little oddity from 2003 that so far he had only seen in bits and pieces. This is the whole show it seems. A silly item called "School Story" ( original name unknown to the editor) with Gorie. I know a lot of peeps don't like him, but Matt actually does and Aya has a hard time keeping a straight face acting with him. And she is soooooo (pardon the expression... :-) kawaiiiiiii in it: Part1 Part2

Closing the week Marcello then uploaded a huge batch of Ayaya photobooks. They will all be uploaded in a new Images folder as soon as I have the time. Keep checking.

Cya next week :-)))))