Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 15 (Apr 8 - Apr 14)

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The week started off with the good news that Aya made it to #21 in the U-20 idol ranking, one of the highest placings of any HP member anywhere (the only one better is Koharu as #10 in the U-15.

PNZ then enquired about the jaw malfunction that Aya suffered during her last concert tour to which Matt said: "Quite frankly the whole thing was rather odd. It first sounded like the end of her career, but after a couple of cancelled concerts and a bit of rest noone has since talked about it again. And it's not like she hasn't stressed that jaw since. Lol
I think it was in one of her podcasts that she talked about her chin being too big for her face (in relation). So I guess it is something that could happen again.
But the whole uproar over it blew away as quickly as it came."
which wasa disagreed on by sailormari who thinks that her jaw is just perfect for her :-) supapurin had an interesting if slightly provocative explanation Maybe she was pregnant and the whole story was a cover while she had it "taken care of"? This led to a little heated discussion about who meant what in ironic or serious context :-)))) when tern replied "Miki can't get her pregnant and there is no one else for Aya!" followed up by Matt stating that "Well it IS true. There is NO way Miki can get her pregnant . There always is that artificial insemthingie though. But why attempt that in the first place... Other than that I know Aya would never betray me." Later YorichanFanKawaii even went one step further mentioning w-inds' Keita Tachibana as her alleged boyfriend which was greeted by Matt with a clear warning that such blasphemy would be punished by a stoning with Aya DVDs which however was not met with the necessary seriousness....

Matt then posted a few new pics and a short radio intro by Aya and Miki from April 9:

tern rightfully commented that Aya's legs have gotten thinner lately which suits her better (especially in conjunction with Miki's pair). kitamurafan marveled about the Alo-Hello2 DVD, especially the foot massage bit which was indeed quite hilarious.

The highlight of the week however was Alienpyon's souvenirs from the streets of Tokyo, proving that Big Brother watching you might be a bad thing, but Big Sister is another thing altogether :-))))

The artist's resumee: "Bottom line: Ayaya owns the entire place!"

Usagi no kami though remarked: "Can you imagine.. if she were dating a guy that for some ungodly reason would cheat on her, he'd probably feel like he was being watched by her everywhere he went!"

tern spent his 300th post fittingly in the Aya thread confessing about his first encounter with our Goddess through the "Zutto Suki de li Desu ka" Close-Up video :-)

Fumi made fun of Matt who had replied in a question regarding one of her dinner shows (she was doing half a dozen this week) that he hadn't been there: "Wow, Matt! Surprising coincidence, yes? I was not there too! I was in Santa Cruz with my aunt and uncle, visiting my cousins at university. Where were you? What did you eat for dinner that night? Matsuura ate fish and rice and vegetables for her dinner, a couple of hours before the show. I ate chicken soup and soft part of bread, not crust part, I could not eat anything hard because my wisdom tooth was extracted by surgery the previous day." I must say a brilliant response :-))) And better than Matt's rather feeble attempt at a reply later on: "Well, I was just on my way to the event, when I got an urgent call from a friend asking me to replace him in the annual human-alligator wrestling contest. Needless to say I won and had some good gater steak afterwards, though I would've preferred Aya's presence to that of a hungry reptile any time!"

Fumi also praised the "Naked Songs" album againand Aya's keyboarder Keiki Matsui (who plays so well alongside her) This opinion was later enhanced by kitamurafan who prefers (like myself too) Aya's version of "Don't Know Why" over that of Norah Jones.

Alien then posted a cover of this CD:There had been several Glico Pretz commercials with the wrestlers, but what it is exactly your trusted editor will tell you next week :-) According to supapurin the ttile says "Tsuppuri Dosukoi!" (tsuppuri = push, dosukoi = come on!) The first one is Aya, the second one Ran Monbu mimicking Aya in one of her AVs :-)

  RS links: Aya Monbu

Matt was one happy cat when he found a complete episode of "Meringue no kimochi", the show that Aya is co-hosting as of this month. He nevertheless felt that she "somewhat gives the impression that she hasn't arrived there yet, and quite frankly I don't know if that format is right for her at this point in time. Aside from her still looking like grandma..." I will upload it sooner or later in the RS folder, but at 1GB that will take some time. Here's the torrent link in the meantime.

The week ended with an angelic look at two innocents in white Ahem...

Cya next week :-)))))