Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 16 (Apr 15 - Apr 21)

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tern began the week by posting several links to Aya commercials on youtube. I'll embed only one (my favorite) and post the other ones as links:


- Sexy Aya in a sexy black dress selling you sexy come-come lemon tea... sexy
- Aya in a blue dress licking a lemon to sell you tea
- Aya singing a new song for a tea commercial that becomes a single
- Aya getting hot and sweaty to sell you tea
- Aya getting close up and singing to you in pseudo French to sell tea (and have Tsuji imitate her later)
- Aya singing in scat to sell you tea, again allowing another Tsuji imitation later
- Aya gets wet and sings her best song ever to sell you hair products, with a capella flares

Matt uploaded an odd little clip from Rajikaru with Aya and her Meringue co-stars at a beach. You can also find in in the RS folder.
He also posted a pic from Meringue, having been scared silly by the looks of her co-moderator =:-O

Nights4Saturn made his debut in the thread, bringing along the URL for his Veoh profile where he has uploaded a lot of Aya videos.

Several Aya appearances made it on the tracker:
First there was a two-part apperance with Takao Horiuchi (and solo) with a symphony orchestra at Daimei no nai Ongakukai21. The first part appeared in three different resolutions: 640x480 - 960x540 - 1024x576 . The second part as a smaller and bigger version plus the Dearest performance as a REAL biggie (1280x720)

And a Uta Doki with the great Miki Hirayama, at the tracker and the RS folder (the ts version also uploaded at the tracker)

Aya promoted the upcoming GAM tour on an edition of Chi Chin Puipui...

...and sported another grandma look on the April 7 episode of Meringue no kimochi

Another new face in the thread was mangomalte and he brought a special item with him: A special box called "aya matsuura no love gift 2002". and inside that box, there was a toilet bag with a wristband, a towel, a photo of ayaya in a small photofile, a trading card and a message cd (btw thanks for the auction link - guess who bought it :-))
For a more detailed description see his post

You can find the Love Gift 2002 on the tracker or the RS folder. This started off a succession of other Love gifts from 2003 (by coachie) and 2004 (by draven). Both can be found in the same RS folder of course.

supapurin raised the question whether Aya still had her Shiseido contract or if she was getting too old for it, not being a teenager anymore :-(

Matt then found a commercial apparently for her Aijou Ippon! jdorama from 2004 and uploaded it on the tracker

Bryan Bayard posted another cm link: , followed by an onslaught of links by supaurin :-))))

- Aya and some sort of moisturizing spray
- Aya lies in (my) bed, wrapped in blankets, asking if you'll treasure her - Super Mild Shampoo
- Tessera Mune-kyun Peach - Momoiro Kataomoe, with behind-the-scenes footage
- Tessera Pucchi Sexy/Puri Cute - Ne~e?, with behind-the-scenes footage
- Tessera Ichikoro Berry/Chiyahoya Cherry - Kiseki no Kaori Dance, with behind-the-scenes footage and a capella segments

Yofuku no Aoyama:
- Red-dressed Aya selling clothes to "freshmen"

- Schoolgirl Aya offers her heart and her Pocky
- Aya, Shibasaki Kou, Nakama Yukie, and Ishihara Satomi bring sexy to Pocky

- Aya drinks Papico in front of an old man
- Aya dressed in nothing but a towel, post-onsen, drinks Papico with a kid
- Aya with gorgeous hair drinks Papico on a tropical vacation with a native kid

- Young Ayaya on a swing eating Pretz
- Aya and Sumo Wrestlers - Tsuppuri Dosukoi for Pretz Mentaiko
- Aya and Sumo Wrestlers - Tsuppuri Dosukoi for Pretz Pizza
- Aya and the Three Tenors - Tomato Pretz
- "Pleated Skirt, Pretz commercial"
- "Pleated field pants, Pretz commercial" Aya makes fun of her own previous commercial - Tomato Pretz

- Two of Aya with great hair going after Nissin UFO yakisoba

GogoTea: I missed these last time
- Aya and that old lady exercise with their Vitamin C enhanced tea
- I have no idea what Aya dressed as a bird has to do with tea

- Three roles for Aya
- Ayaya family: Ayaya, Mayaya, Payaya, Bayaya
- Ayaya family 2
- Ayaya Family 3

phew... (you can say that again...). And Fumi was in danger of having her face fall off........

Btw kitamurafan was asking if anyone had all these youtube commercials as avis and I am going to collect all my (and the ones provided by tern and supapurin) cms to be put in the RS folders in the coming weeks... Stay tuned...


Alienpyon sent me some Aya cards that I was happy to scan. Lovely all :-))

Dr.Jackal's request for the fifth Aya no DNA episode brought forth a discussion about how many episodes there were in total which was answered by RobinHead:
I believe I can help there. Aya no DNA aired as a segment on nine of the last ten episodes (2002.01.22 through 2002.03.26) of the H!P TV show Idol o Sagase, so the total is nine episodes, but as far as I know, whoever translated them only did the first four.
And after Nights4Saturn reported that he had uploaded them to Veoh RobinHead was kind enough to post four more episodes. Now only episode 7 is AWOL. All of them can be found in the RS folder


Fumi then gave us another of her cartoons (especially for greyface :-)

and Matt uploaded another gift from Alienpyon, a wonderful DVD with Aya's sumo wrestler Glico commercials, complete with a Making of.

As a request by alterstar Matt had edited SAya's performance of "Akai Freesia" out of the 2005 Haru 101 kai me no kiss concert tour. Here's the avi and the mp3.


Finally a question was asked by Matt to which astonishingly no-one replied....
It seems as if I'll be getting the "Meringue no kimochi" episodes from now on in HQ formats. This means that they'll be in excess of 1,2GB each .
A lot considering that it's just a talk show (and will be too much for many people).
Now I can either post this version or convert them to a smaller size and upload that version.
Or upload the biggie on the tracker and the smaller one in the RS folder.
I can of course upload both versions, but would rather prefer one or the other.


Cya next week :-))