Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 17 (Apr 22 - Apr 28)

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The week started off with four confessions of endearment. supapurin loves Aya singing the line "You're My Angel", tern marveled at her stomach in one of the wrestler Glico spots from last week, while Fumi was more impressed by the sumo guys's size.....ahem

Falc was more impressed by Aya's kick-ass abilities in Sukeban Deka which prompted Alien to add that the ass in fact belonged to Charmy.
Btw both the movie DVD and the bonus DVD were put on the tracker by sasshi, the rip by Morning Planet.

The second part of the Daimei no nai Ongakukai21 was uploaded on the tracker today, Aya singing "Dearest"

and Alienpyon posted another card from the Rakuten series, which prompted Matt to follow with a lovely shot of Aya and Miki during a Eagles game:

kitamurafan remarked that after being in two cheer songs for the Rakuten Eagles I'm starting to feel like Aya is their unofficial spokesperson. Although she would make a better mascot than the cartwheeling eagle. How true... In a bit off-topic trip and starting off with kitamurafan wondering it was discovered that there were at least two American players on the Eagles' roster: Kevin Witt and Rick Short. More info on the team's site

Matt then was enquirung about a curiosity he had seen in a picture: Fumi (of course) had the answer: This is photo frame that plays music, like music box. Wondering what it would sound like (Momoiro Kataomoi in this case) she went on to say: Very strange! like monophonic little child ring tone taken from Disney cartoon! except kind of Japanese. Btw of course I would buy it, Fumi!!!!! If I knew where.....
For that much knowledge Aya sent her love to our rocket doctor(this came from one opf her dinner show btw)

erlina_kath03 posted the tracklist from the upcoming first GAM album ~Amai Yuuwaku~, enjoyed about the quantity of new songs:

01. Thanks!
02. Junketsu ~Only~
04. Ai no fune
05. Koko de KISU shite
06. LU LU LU
07. ICHA ICHA Summer
08. Aijou OASIS
09. ...H
10. Amai yuuwaku
11. Thanks! (Yuuwaku Remix)

phlizzow was wondering whether the report about Aya smoking was true which prompted a short discussion about the validity if the report, the "fact itself" and the hazards of smoking to the health and voice (and of course the token Aibon comment :-). Apart from the fact that the author of said article also is of the opinion that Aya is not that good a singer and only a passable actress (so much for his credibilty) your beloved editor (having been a smoker for 30 years :-) concluded the debate with a quote from Placido Domingo (not a stranger to nicotin himself and supapurin knows another opera singer who smokes too): "The only thing that hurts the voice is singing" Btw I'm trying to quit right now. And no, I don't want cheers of encouragement!! And I hate militant non-smokers. Lol. But enough of this topic...

tern made true on his promise and posted a whopping 267MB package of Aya commercials which will make its way to the RS folder once I have found mine.

Alienpyon then showed us Aya on the warpath, a marvelous sight, surely ranking in the Top10 of ridiculous Aya outfits:
This came from her 2004 Aki - Matsu Crystal Concert Tour

And Matt brought good news when he reported that Aya - in the new "Meringue no kimochi" episode didn't look like her Grandma anymore. Rather like the tomboy son Grandma always wanted to have.
Alienpyon couldn't help making a comment about Lederhosen which reminded Matt in another short off-topic venture of a Japanese singer who has sung German Schlager, jodling for 30 years. Heeeere's Takeo IshiThey would make a fine pair, wouldn't they?

And on this curious note I say: Cya next week :-))