Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 18 (Apr 29 - May 5)

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The week started off with Aya doing mental preparations for the Miss Full Figure H!P Girl in the Ishikawa thread, as luckily observed by FumiUnfortunately it didn't help and Aya lost. Well you can't have it all I guess...

PNZ (after watching Sukeban Deka) was dreaming of Aya starring in James Cameron's "Battle Angel" while posting in another form of full contact (while zend provided the gif):

Attention: Shameless plug:
Matt reported 690 downloads from his Rapidshare folders already. He has done a neat little site for them. Bookmark it as there will be constant updates!!!

But at least he also posted a nice cap from the Matsu Crystal concert you can find in there too

Followed by some images from her latest Uta Doki appearance which you can find on the tracker and the RS folder (in a HQ version).
supapurin hopes that Aya will cover a Matsuda Seiko song for Uta Doki - it's only appropriate that the biggest idol of now cover the biggest idol of back then.

Alienpyon reported that the release of Aya's new single will be delayed two months (now July), probably due to the GAM CD out in May.

Nights4Saturn provided a link to a Veoh presentation of Aya singing "Strawberry Time" on Minna no Terebi (expect it in the RS folder soon...

Matt remarked on Ayumi Hamasaki's bored face during the performance which of course brought out forth some ugly yet understandable sentiments :-))))
To quote supapurin: It's because Hamasaki is jealous of Aya's youth and natural beauty.
Matsuura Aya's beauty didn't require her to have repeated plastic surgery that's left her looking more and more like a mutated anime character with every "vacation" to Korea... unlike a certain aging Nagase Tomoya girlfriend...
I mean, seriously, Hamasaki's like what... 30 now? I wonder if her next operation will completely remove her chin altogether and leave her eyeballs hanging by their stalks...
And Matt couldn't resist on commenting on Aya's wardrobe again: If only she didn't wear her mom's wax kitchen tablecloth (only because it had strawberries on it)

Maiko ^o^ posted a commercial and a link for the new GAM album:

while Matt came up with this picture which certainly looks a bit odd but kinda nice, and three wallpapers from her Last Night PV

Nights4Saturn posted two more Veoh links with Aya performing alongside Hinoi Team:

It was generally agreed upon that the canning of Mintere/Utawara was a bad thing as Aya hasn't looked too comfortable on Meringue in Matt's opinion so far.

Matt then found a TV report which puzzled him a bit:Luckily supapurin had an explanation: The gist is that Ayaya is going to be in a play in August (8/1) - she'll be playing an idol, her costar will be playing an actor, and they help each other out somehow.

Some early Aya performance have found their way into the RS folders: They are definitely worth checking out.

kitamurafan reported the arrival of his first Aya album (congrats mate :-) which prompted some posts about them while Matt trying to find out Aya's address among the members didn't lead too much unfortunately.

The new Meringue can be found on the tracker for which RobinHead thankfully made a smaller encode (on tracker and folder)
A very nice episode, you should download it!

The week concluded with Fumi bringing us the gospel of truth again: Matt: you are astonishing!

Cya next week :-))))