Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 19 (May 6- May 12)

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A rather slow week for Aya (who is probably reheasing for the GAM tour most of the time right now.

While Fumi, Nights4Saturn and supapurin discussed LA shops to buy HP products Matt posted some preview audios from the upcoming GAM album.

usagi_no_kami posted another Shiseido commercial, and Matt found some more, making an overview site for the whole collection which will find its way into the RS folder once his lonely braincell has discovered a way to logically name the videos.

Nessy brought us a link to one ogf the best Aya PVs: Zutto Suki De Ii Desu Ka (Another Edition)


Matt posted two youtube links of "Aya impersonators", one kinda cute, the other less...

He then showed two pics quizzing the members where those came from which was correctly answered by Alienpyon (not that it was that hard...)

These scans came from the Hello!Project Radio Drama Vol.2. On one of the two tracks Aya and Yuko Nakazawa are featured in ... well ... a radio drama :-) You can find it in the RS folder (Ayaya4)

Matt's question whether Aya had to get pregnant to remain on the first page shocked Fumi who promised to talk to her on Sunday, taking a collection of the right clothes with her to avoid this:
(while PNZ actually liked the middle one - it does enhance certain body parts :-)

Freshham inquired about the Autumn 2006 concert which is still on the tracker as a rip and an iso but will be in the RS queue for the next weeks... A nice older file made it there already (Ayaya1) , Gomattou performing on the 2004 Happy Xmas Show:

Nights4Saturn upped his first torrent (congrats mate!), the Sougen No Hito Original Cast Soundtrack while ILoveMico gave us some links for very nice files:
Hello Pro Party! 2005 ~Matsuura Aya Captain Kouen~) Dekoboko Seventeen (W): Link
DEF.DIVA - Suki Sugite Baka Mitai (Making of): Link1 Link2
Def diva - Suki sugite baka metai (utaban 051027): Link1 Link2 (also available in the Ayaya1 RS folder)
Dokki Doki! LOVE Mail ~a capella version~ (All): Link

Another Aya the vamp pic turned up (from the GAM promo stuff) while the possibility of another Sukeban Deka movie was shortly discussed, maybe with Miki as the evil one...

jw042693 had uploaded three parts of Aya's May 29, 2003 appearance on Utaban. Hopefully we will get to see the show in full length within the next weeks. Stay tuned.
Here's the first one, the other two you can click by yourself: Part2 Part3

To close the week Matt uploaded the new Meringue no kimochi on the tracker: Big version - Small version (latter one can be also found in the Ayaya1 RS folder)

Cya next week :-)))