Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 2 (Jan 6 - Jan 12)

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FumikoH two weeks earlier had posted a picture of an Ayaya alarm clock in response to Mattthecat posting another one .
It was an ebay item and greedy Matt had nothing better to do than hurry over there and buy it on the spot. And to add insult to injury show off with his new toy:
Needless to say this brought forth new animosities. Understandably so... (click here if the ActiveX plugin doesn't work)


Fumiko then reminded us of the Pachinko game Aya had released. sailormari offered a description of the principoles of this game: "Pachinko is a device used for amusement and prizes and is related to pinball machines. Although originally strictly mechanical, modern pachinko machines are a cross between a pinball machine and a video slot machine"

mister.mori tried in vain to bring back some quailty discussion to the thread instead of the random foolishness. Well, there's always hope... He also asked if there had been an audio rip of the Otona no Namida Concert tour. As an answer tern kindly gave us links to his effort. Here's a sample.

Matthecat issued the first weekly review for the Ayaya thread for which Za Hitokiri~Gunshin called him a Matsuurist which Matt gladly accepted...


Alienpyon brought us an interesting variation on Ayaya music by Noize Creator, and Matt came forth with an excerpt from the Elders Club Concert. Aya singing Melodies solo, as Mikitty was in the Wonderful Hearts tour. Alienpyon rightfully raised the issue of the Tsunku leanguage, a topic worthy of further discussion...


Stees then answered a question about the live performances of "Goodbye Natsuo"Here are the TV performances of Good Bye Natsuo, got from Wiki Theppn:
* 2003-05-25 Domoto Kyoudai
* 2003-05-26 Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ
* 2003-05-29 Utaban
* 2003-xx-xx BS Junior
* 2003-06-09 Pop Jam
* 2003-08-24 24 Hour TV
* 2003-12-17 Best Artist 2003
* 2003-12-20 Japanese Cable Grand Prix
* 2003-12-31 CDTV

Lastly a variety of pics from the Elder Club tour were posted, along with two others:


Cya next week :-)