Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 20 (May 13 - May 19)

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The week started in a nice fashion with Maiko posting a Minna no Terebi clip with Aya as a stewardess.

And Nights4Saturn posting a shall we say interesting picture from the 2003 sports festival. The best reply in the ensuing short discussion about this came from RobinHead: I'm sure you could look into the origins of the cavalry battle event and link the way it ends with one successful attack to judo and sumo wrestling and conclude that it's a part of old Japanese tradition that continues into the present day, but the fact would still remain that she has a flag attached to her head and it looks right silly.

Matt reported some new addition to the RS folder: Two early episodes of "Matthew's Best Hit TV" and the completion of the 2003 Matsu Ring Pink Concert rip

sville1999 brought us two pieces of information:
One very nice one:
Just a little interesting piece of news about Ayaya that I saw during a Google search: Ayaya will be starring in a sci-fi-type stage drama/play(?) called Sukedachi with Kakei Toshio between 2007.8.5 and 8.14. (But it somehow doesn't show up on the theater's online schedule.)
The character she plays seems to be some national heroine who fights with aliens. It would be great if they could release the play on DVD, but I guess the chance of that happening may be slim given the nature of the play. Hope there at least will be some pictures. (The picture on the official Sukedachi page reminds me the limited edition cover of Amai Yuuwaku...)

The other one not so nice (I hope it means postponed, not cancelled)
People have received cancellation emails from CDJapan and such: link. CDJapan and Amazon Japan have removed the CD from their sites. :-(
After Alienpyon scared us with thoughts about pregnancy mangomalte posted a link from fan-net talking about postponement, so there is still hope...

Choucho_Ai rightfully remarked that it was time for another PB, and

tern was kind enough to upload a HQ quality version of the2004 Gomattou Xmas medley (available in its lesser form in the RS folder)

And that was it for the week I'm afraid. A bit slow but your friendly editor doesn't have enough time for the important things in life (aka Aya) right now which will hopefully change soon again.


Cya next week :-)))