Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 21 (May 20 - May 26)

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Alienpyon first posted an article with pics from Aya's M-Size Monthly Face appearances (yes, of course they're in the RS folder...)

Then falc reminded us of the beautiful piano version of "Melodies" which rightfully prompted WyldKat to remark that it sounds very soft and beautiful, just like the girls.

And cls brought us another one of his marvelous HQ montages:

Matt then reported several new entries into the RS folder. First there was the "Goodbye Natsuo" performance from the 2003 Utaban episode jw042693 was searching for

and a 2005 "Zutto Suki..." from Pop Jam And then there was the new Meringue no kimochi episode in which the male guest seems to be making fun of Aya at one point. She's sooooo kawaii in her reaction :-) Since it sometimes is better to keep silent than to shoot off one's mouth no word from your editor on her wardobe and hairstyle (even if it kills me....). On the tracker in a big and a small versions as usual (the smaller one in the RS folder as well)

Nights4Saturn reported the good news that "Sukeban Deka" will get a US DVD release soon, as "Yo-Yo Girl Cop" (nobody too crazy about the title though)

A Russian Aya fan, demetris was enquirung about the XMas medley from last week which is still on the tracker and will be permanently in a smaller encode in the RS folder. He was also asking about the Yume Ongakukan version of "Kaimono Boogie" which was put in the folders in the meantime as well.

japanese_boy posted some lovely pics of Aya and Marcello found a poster for the stage play we were talking about last week (with Aya the Alien hunter...).
Plus links One and Two

Matt then posted a bundle of Aya and Miki pics from a May 20 event (may have been a promo for the album or the two, with a bespecacled Aya which your editor found cute (an opinion not shared by everyone :-). mixedmedia was disturbed by the yellow taint of Aya's teeth (a discussion that I remember from a few months before). The explanation ranged from Gogo no Kocha to coffee and cigarettes which would meet your editor's understanding whose lonely braincell refuses to funcion in the morning without a cup and a puff...Wouldn't surprise me if they smoked either considering the stress. Guess they're allowed either good sex or a smoke... Which might explain Miki's teeth looking better lately :-)))) (last one was refernce to the Miki scandal - see more below)

Matt also reported the upload of the November 2006 episode of "Food Prejudice King", a rip of the "Memories - Aya Version" from the PV DVD and the GAM "Amai Yuwaku" album as mp3s to the RS folder.

Then Miki got "Friday'd" whioch led to speculations naturally, especially given the postponement of Aya's single and the upcoming GAM tour. usagi_no_kami was the first to raise his voice: Remember back when we were speculating about the postponement of her new single? Maybe it's because of the new Miki scandal that popped up. Presumably Tsunku and UFA had some knowledge of the relationship seeing as how they've been together since Autumn supposedly. Maybe Friday asked if they'd like to comment on it and told them they'd be running the story. If Aya were doing promotion for the new single she'd most assuredly be asked her thoughts seeing as how Miki is her GAM bandmate and UFA just wanted to avoid that whole situation. To which Matt replied: And maybe they're going to drop Miki, scrap the GAM tour and release the Aya solo single instead now.... Okay okay, just kidding.... I can't take this BS serious anymore. This is so laughable. Hey, we could put all our money together and found our own recording company: IFFG (Idols Fallen from Grace). We'd already have a pretty good stable...

Another edition to the RS folder was something that Matt still has no idea where it came from: Hello Kids #001, from March 31, 2003:

The German dreamteam Marcello & Matt then posted another set of Aya official photos:

To close out the week Matt was inspired by a vidcap he made for ther Meringue episode and di a little manipulation (for those who don't know here's also the original :-)


Cya next week :-))))