Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 22 (May 27 - June 2)

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At the beginning Marcello asked whether it was worth it to download the Meringue no kimochi episodes which was answered by Matt this way:
Hmmmmm....if you're not an Ayafanatic then I guess the answer is no. She is one of three moderators of this talk/infotainment show (and as of yet the most subdued one - Hisamoto being the old pro here). So if you're a not a huge Ayaya fan, but like to see everything she does nevertheless I suggest you wait for my smaller encodes :-)

The first fanrecording of the GAM concert tour made it on the tracker in two versions. So far all gigs have been recorded and all have been uploaded to the GAM RS folder.

Marcello then reminded us of the first Uta Doki episode in which Aya sang "Kanda Gawa" (an episode which btw would be the repeat of the week several days later). Avialable of course in....you guessed it. Speaking of which...All her regular shows have now been moved to a seperate folder as Ayaya1 simply became too big. Oh and there's a guest- and request book now. Any comment is appreciated :-))

Marcello posted a series of nice 2005 Def-Diva pics: as well as one of Aya's contributions to the Folk Songs albums, "Scarborough Fair". All of them can be found here.
And some more images:

wildstarr posted a youtube link to the beautiful Aya-Melon Kinenbi accapella version of "Dokki Doki Love Mail":

Also making it there due to demetris' request was "Kaimono Boogie" from the Yume Ongakukan" show which was one of Aya's finest hours. Musically that is. Coz fashionwise she looked like she wanted Big Bird's part on "Sesame Street"
Plus the Aya Hit Parade concert from 2003 as requested by Nights4Saturn which was also uploaded on the tracker.

Marcello then brought us two Veoh links: A nicely edited and funny video of Aya's Taiwan performance of last year (well at least the before and after) and her dying of embarrassment while watching an old Momoiro Kataomoi performance :-)

rnwc then asked if anyone had ever seen a subtitled version of Aijou Ippon. Since the question was answered "no" by everyone he will proceed in doing the job. And I must say wer are all looking forward to it :-)))))

Marcello posted the Maki Goto - Aya Matsuura ~ Fuyu no douyou ~ Merry Christmas Happy New year Show 2005 in three parts: 1 2 3

Followed by several images provided by Maiko^o^ and Matt:

Thanks to sville1999 for a nice and entertaining link for a review about the first GAMN concert gig in which the author (a white female) wrote: Their costumes on the whole were good. In fact, there were no absolutely hideous ones, which is quite a surprise since Aya was involved. Lol! Queen of Unfortunate Costumes.

ILoveMico then discovered a fascinating website with an Aya paper doll :-)))))) If anyone ever finds out how to order one of these.....

Marcello then answered his own question about the song performed in the 2004 Happy Xmas Show: Misora Hibari's "Makka Na Taiyou" , and he also uploaded (from an Utawara episode) Gal Circle Artistes + Matsuura Aya dancing Parapara!

On May 30 mangomalte reminded us that this was the day the new Aya single was scheduled to be released....well there's always hope...

As a consolation japanese_boy posted some more images:

Matt finally found out why supapurin had suddenly decided to disappear (thx usagi_no_kami). Seems he felt mistreated by some members. Quite a shame as I liked the guy and would be happy to see him again in the friendly Aya thread :-))

And even more images by Matt and japanese_boy:

Matt then had added several episodes of something called "Hello Kids" in the RS folder. RobinHead finally told us what they were (but more about this next week :-)))
. And one more from Maiko^ o^

And to close off the week in good fashion sville1999 made a compilation of Aya singing Ne~e in various versions. Nice work :-))))

and posted an earlier (2003) appearance of Aya on "Food Prejudice King" (now also in the RS folder)

All in all a pretty good seven days. Cya next week :-))