Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 23 (June 3 - June 9)

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First some caps from this week's Meringue no kimochi episode available in the RS folder and the tracker in a big and a smaller version:

Matt also reported the uploading of (eventually) all 100 Hello Kids episodes to the RS folder. RobinHead thankfully came up with information on the show: On the Japanese Wikipedia and links to the DVDs.

Nights4Saturn then posted the mp3 rip of the Ne~e jazz version from Yume Ongakukan, Marcello followed with a compilation of Aya's songs from the Folk Songs albums (which were then uploaded by sville1999 as flacs - oh and here's a link to them for those who don't know what it's all about - thanks mangomalte),

and Matt came up with the whole Ongakukan show, further GAM concert tour fan recordings (all in the RS folders) and two new Youfuku no Aoyama commercials

Falc was wondering - after listening to the jazzy Ne~e whether there were any other "alternative" versions of H!P songs. Actually there are some rocky manipulations called "Evil Musume". Contact me if you're interested.

Marcello, japanese_boy and Matt then posted some images (Ayaya's birthday coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!! - sville1999 reminding us of the fact that last year's borthday was celebrated by Aya sinking her face into a cake...)

rnwc reported about the progress of the Aijou Ippon subs which are taking a lot of time. So the Matsuurians are eternally grateful for his work!! And here are the soft subs for the first two episodes.

Here are the instructions for that paperdoll from that (Korean) company that was linked last week. Unfortunately the Aya doll doesn't seem to be available anymore :-(

Neither btw is the Maki Goto one...

erlina_kath03 posted a Veoh link to a hilarious manipulation of Gackt singing Ne~e :-)))) And ILoveMico was wondering about Aya's favorite videogame to which no one had an answer though.

Those lucky Hawaiians will get a full dose of GAM in September: and Nights4Saturn was wondering what this CD was all about: It's the First Kiss (Visiting China Special Album - Overseas Version)

Marcello then found some nice GAM magazine articles and covers:

Matt then uploaded a funny excerpt from a Hello Kids episode with Aya doing animal sounds. Especially fine is her impersonation of Miss Piggy...

Fumi, finally back from Japan, reminded us of the US release of Sukeban Deka (aka Yoyo Girl Cop - what a title......) No actors names on the cover, due to the fact that outside of Japan no one knows who the hell Aya or Vyuden are - except for a few diehards like us of course...)

sville1999 gave us notice of Aya's colo concert tour in October which only consists of five dates (with two shows each) which prompted usagi_no_kami to suspect: Could this be related to the less than stellar sales of her last album? Or could H!P be making GAM a higher priority and slowing down the solo stuff for her? While Matt was hoping: Don't forget that there's also the GAM Hawaiian Tour in September, right after her appearance on stage in "Sukedachi" all August. Plus Meringue and who knows what else...
It's not like she's under-used :-)

sville also posted a clip showing Aya's virtual bowling skills (also in the RS folder now)


Marcello finally posted some nice pictures of Aya and Miki:

Cya next week :-))))