Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 24 (June 10 - June 16)

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Then there were some vidcaps from the new Meringue

Matt also reported the upload of all 100 Hello Kids episodes and all GAM concerts so far to the RS folders

Fumi was finally back in the US and in form to provide us with more wonderful cartoons, concentrating on Aya's cute nose:

Speaking of her nose: Matt asked around who know about Aya's specialty regarding her nose.....and posted a pic of her with pigtails, thinking that it was a rare one:

Nights4Saturn however proved that this wasn't a rare sight at all.

Having seen the reply Matt dared N4S to provide some bikini pics: and the good guy delievered again :-)

Everyone was excited, though Falc understandably had some problems with Aya playing an 8-year old :-)))))

Matt then provided the answer to the Aya nose specialty: From maybe the best Utaban episode (the rotation allstar thingie from Nov 27, 2004). here's Ayaya's speciality:
Shrinking her nose and holding it that way (plus some Nochiura Natsumi trashtalk by Ishibashi and Nakai :-) Anyone who hasn't seen this should download it: It's worth it! Here's the excerpt with Ayaya, Nacchi and Gottsan (and the nose of course).
What an amazing talent our Aya has / is !!!

japanese_boy posted some more UFA cards and N4S came up with one more bikini image:

rnwc posted the soft subs for the Aijou Ippon episode 2 (all subbed videos can be found in this RS folder). And Fumi replied with a very true and encouraging comment to the last thread review: Amazing comprehensive as always! If you become married with Matsuura, I think you should manage official family papers.
mangomalte reminded us of one funny video with young Aya driving TV's Matthew crazy.

There was a press conference for the stage production "Sukedachi" which will star Aya in August, with producer Tsunku and co-star Ami Tokito in attendance. The lead actor seem to be very funny as Aya can't stop giggling :-) A news brief is available on the tracker and in the RS folder.

japanese_boy brought us link to a scene from Aya's Alo-Hello DVD, and Nights4Saturn provided the URL for pilika's site with the photobook (some wrong links and one corrupt pic there though). But you can get the PB in the RS folder.

 And here's the veoh link to the HPS subbed DVD.

sville1999 then posted another veoh link to a nice rendition of during the 2005 Expo: Some more info on that song: The performance was on 2005.05.10, and it was aired on BS2 on 2005.05.28. She also performed Zutto Suki De Ii Desu Ka there. Natsu no Omoide (Memories of Summer; Summer Memories) is a nice Japanese folk song by NAKATA Yoshinao (music) and EMA Shoko (lyrics.) The lyrics and sheet can be found here. Interestingly, this song has appeared at least twice in H!P projects: First in The Douyou Pops 3 - Natsu no Uta Shu, sung by Takahashi Ai, Murata Megumi, Saito Hitomi, Maeda Yuki, Ishii Rika, and second at Hello! Project 2002 ~One Happy Summer Day~ by all members.

japanese_boy then gave us a flood of new UFA images, ILoveMico admiring especially Aya's sexy finger :-)))

That lucky dog mister.mori reported about his visit to a GAM concert, read more about it in his blog.

The last entries belong to Matt. First a news brief about her anti-drug campaign, here meeting PM Abe, then a few pics

about her fitness secrets (boy would I love to be taught...), concluded by some official from the GAM Concert Tour Pamphlet:

Cya next week :-)))