Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 29 (July 15 - July 21)

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Matt started with the posting of several pictures from the "Aya Matsuura in Hello! Project 2003 Natsu" photobook, hoping that someone could fill in some missing ones. He later was given them by a friend, so the complete PB is now in the RS folder.

He also bragged about his beloved wallclock, sent to him from Japan by HO's own kawaiii (thx buddy :-) This was obviously some merchandise byproduct from her Suzuki campaign (the commercial can be found in the RS folder as well).

The big topic this week was the US release of the "Sukeban Deka" DVD. Or should we say "Yoyo Girl Cop"? Everyone who had ordered was in a day-before Xmas mood :-) Some members do enjoy online ordering as shown by our friend Alienpyon: I am happy that I will have to order this one from the US and not track it in local dvd stores. The idea of seeing local Greek gorillas grabbing this dvd with their stinking hands makes me sick. Now now, my friend :-)))) He did to our enjpoyment post some lovely images he encountered whole going through some of his stuff:

Matt then repoprted the upload of the "Haropuro Captain Kouen" concert from 2005 to the RS folder.

Coming back to the movie DVD release it was widely agreed upon that the US title sucked eggs. As to why they chose to "translate" it that way the wise old cat (ahem) replied: Well, given the fact that (except for a very few weirdos like us) not a soul knows about the original source or HP and its members outside Japan I guess they needed something catchy to generate at least a bit of curiosity amongst potential viewers. Not that it will help much I'm afraid. And kitamurafan added: They have to try to get the widest audience possible. It's like the blurb they have on the cover "The action is fast and furious" which relates to The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift which goes back to the first movie, which tons of people saw. It's sad they have to do a six degrees of seperation marketing scheme.
N4S was hoping that someone would tell him where to find a shop to rent the DVD. Matt suggested "Osama's Little DVD Heaven" in Bagdad, but usagi_no_kami's answer was probably more helpful: the best bet to find a copy would probably be one of the superstores like Best Buy or Circuit City. Another discussion then centered about the valnues of dubs vs subs. To each his/her own was the compromise here. Some simply prefer to hear Aya and Rika's real voices while others find it hard to follow the action having to read the subtitles.

Quintaxos request for the "Zutto Suki De Ii Desu Ka"mp3 was kindly answered by Nights4Saturn. And kitamurafan was hoping for a rip of the "Sukeban Deka" opening theme which Matt edited out.

From Pilika's wonderful Aya site came most of the baby and kids pictures that Matt posted. Aya was not the most beautiful baby in the world. But she has developed nicely...

sville1999 had found a clip with Tsunku on kokuchi.net commenting on Aya's stage production "Sukedachi (which can be found in this torrent as an avi),
and ILoveMico discovered a marvelous site with thousands of Aya wallpapers!!! Here's an example (not in the thread):

while Xacur reminded us of the beautiful rendition of "Scarborough Fair" (from the Folk Songs 5 album) for which Matt provided some links: 1 2 3

tern made a nice return visit to the thread (don't be a stranger, mate :-)) and Matt reported the upload of two interesting files: A Hello Morning performance of "Kiseki no Kaori Dance on a 2004 edition of "Hello Morning" with Aya wearing a flashy uniform (looking good for a change....) . Plus a rar with pictures of Maria Takagi who has quite often been compared (looks-wise) to Aya. Maria herself has played around with the resemblance as evident in these two pics:

Needless to say the images in the rar are NOT censored, so kids beware of nudity :-)))

Finally, the new Meringue was aired, and not surprisingly Matt just HAD to voice his criticism again. Because of this: Matt capped this And next on the catwalk is Matsuura Aya with Detlef Versacce's (Gianni's illegitimate son) creation "Creamcake toppings at the senior's home" to which Quintaxos added On a closer look, her hair do kinda looks like a dog turd! While WyldKat became quite (self-confessed) dramatic: She is such a beautiful woman and has a golden voice, but she dresses like the biggest dork I've ever seen. And it's constant too. Mismatched outfits that my 3rd grader (who loves to play dress-up) wouldn't do. Outfits that cause your eyes bleed and make you want to scream out to the heavens "WHY?" And compare that to how delicate Aya Ueto looks who is one year older. Our Aya could easily look just as cute (or elegant as she did in the acoustic sections of her last two concert tours). But I guess Fumi is right: This is "old news" and we give up about this already! When I visited to Japan during May and June I tried to persuade her to go shopping with me and Fujimoto, I am Rooster Year girl, we are very vanity but anyway we are best for clothes and appearance! Tiger Year like Matsuura are terrible for this. Anyway she did not go, she was always some reason busy. So shoga nai, ne? it cannot be helped. My cousin is also Tiger Year, he looks like a rag most times.

And then one that inspired Mercello to make a nice cartoon:

Finally Xacur was wondering whether he was right remembering Aya from a Playstation commercial. He was, proven by these caps (and I promise to upload the three spots to the RS folders tomorrow :-)


Cya next week :-)))