Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 3 (Jan 13 - Jan 19)

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tern suggested a more happy-looking Aya in the background, so here it is :-)

To counter the new looked he then posted a little vid of Miss Matsuura being extremely pissed (from "Sukeban Deka")

Here's the non-plugin link

As a reply Matt reminded the members of the three "Ribbon no Kishi" jail performances performed by Aya, Charmy and Nacchi which were completely different, Aya's being the most aggressive one. Which enhances the notion that Aya is really a badass in disguise.... :-)

Alienpyon came forth with the information that the "Sukeban Deka" soundtrack was composed by Goro Yasukawa, but the soundtrack itself is yet to be found as a release.


Alien then posted a lovely clip of 15 year old Ayaya performing "Dokki Doki Love Mail" on the "Live Revolution" DVD: , after which even Tanaka Lover admitted that he liked Aya :-)))) And tern summed it up: "As my friend who is also a crazy Ayaya fan puts it "back when she was 15 or 16 she was the Japanese definition of cute!" It's so true though, with those little round eyes and the dimples on her cheeks there was absolutely imperfect about her. Now, she's grown into an incredibly sexy woman without any sort of awkward stage in between. Ahh, how wonderful."

Matt then posted collages from her fall concert tour DVD posted that day. Hopefully anyone will post the DVD as well soon:

There was a short discussion about whether the dinner shows would ever be released, but there's little hope. The only show of this kind ever to become public was Kaorin's 2004 performance from Flets.

Matt then posted a few more pics:

Especially the last pic was a favorite, making the members imagine what Aya was thinking...

Fumiko came up with the best quote of course: . Which prompted the members to suspect that Matt is really a cheapshot!! (which I'm not - I'm just not good with money :-)

A first clip from her fall concert tour popped up on the H!P site dohhhup. It was also uploaded on the tracker as converted avi.

mister.mori reminded us of the Uta Doki episode 72 with Ayaya. Btw she had been in episode 64 as well, in a duet with Miki Hirayama.

However when his post was not replied to he commented on the lack of quality in this thread (being the reason why H!64 has left), and an exchange of opinions followed. Whether anyones's opinions are more valid than others is really a personal choice. But since I'm editing this reviews I like to end with a quote from Gaijin21 and myself which hopefully will make clear that I am NOT here to create fronts.

"The keyword is tolerance u need this if u wanna communicate with others."

"I have no intention whatsoever of building up a front. I'm not creating any "side" anyone can align with.
If someone wants to start an intelligent conversation here all the better. i will gladly join in (if I have something to contribute).
BUT I am not going to torture my lonely braincell to force a deep thought on a topic that doesn't exactly lend itself to one. At the same time I will not be feel bad about having fun in this thread either.
For the life of me I don't know why both ways can't be here simultaneously. Gaijin21's last sentence sums it up best.
Such is life: Diverse and colorful"

And Gunshin came up with the thread's new motto: "Let's Fun" which was happily accepted especially by Fumiko :-))))

Let's end the review with two more pics:

Cya next week, fellow Matsuurians:-)