Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 30 (July 22 - July 28)

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Matt started the week with two caps from the "Aya' s Trial" episode of "Hello Morning" he entitled The Stare of Death - You know you're in trouble when...

or as Nights4Saturn correctly remembered: "the loving smack" :-))) , while tern remarked that it's not as bad as Miki's blatant disregard for human feelings:

rnwc had finished subbing episode 8 of Ajiou Ippon.

WyldKat was happy to have the Yoyo Girl Cop DVD in his hands, and kitamurafan added a note to the Matsuura-Ueto Meringue of last week: Those two seem so sweet in real life. Kind of funny seeing them together as they are the two most butt-kicking toughest film heroines I've seen (Matsuura as Asamiya Saki and Ueto as Azumi).

Next were some new official Aya images

followed by some GAM:

Now that WyldKat (while N4S was still searching for a store that carried the DVD) had finished watching the movie he raised the question who the fifth (uncredited) H!P member was to appear in the movie....and mister.mori picked up the prize :-)

It was Masae Otani or as WlydKat added: The one who went BOOM! *hands Mister Mori a cookie*

Matt added a new News24 commercial with Aya appearing at the end (of course to the tune of "Egao") and a few older pics

and the upload of the Saigo no kazoku episodes to the RS folders.

sville1999 had detected a new profile pic on the HP site: which was welcomed by everyone. As N4S stated: Wow, she looks very pretty there! Big improvement from the older Naked Songs one, in my opinion. That's how a mature Aya should look, not like an elderly or senior citizen! japanese_boy marveled KAWAII AYAYA CHAN... SO PURE WHITE SKIN, a notion which was doubled by Matt when he saw her appearance on "Waratte Iitomo" that day N4S then discovered another version of the new official image: which is further proof to the incompetence of the graphic artists at HP once you try to find Aya's left arm... Matt thinking that it might be an ad for the Paralympics while Tuhis called her former lumberjack Ayaya.

N4S then discovered the potentially good news of a new contract with Nissan for that company's X-Trail compact SUV in October as this wiki suggests.

blackwin found another Making of, this time it's The Last Night. You can find it in the RS folder of course. Also to be found there are a nice Kimono performance of "Watarasebashi" on Ken Shimura's "Bakatonosama Senkakubanrai!" show from 2005 and the complete Our

Music show with BoA (a topic here some weeks ago).

mister.mori was lucky enough to watch the performances on the Music Fair21 special live (but more on that next week). Just a great show.

To close off the week some new officials:

Cya next week :-)))))


P.S.: The cursor text tail is a little gimmick that I've used in the RS folder mainpage as well. You need IE5+ or Opera7+ to see it though. Found on this nice page.