Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 32 (August 5 - August 11)

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First off sville made us aware of a new commercial (for an electonic toll company) which doesn't feature Aya visually but has a very catchy theme, or as Matt put it: It does remind me of the Tsuppuri theme. Or Gogo no kocha for that matter. Great Grammy deserving stuff :-))). After several tries a HQ version was finally discovered and uploaded to the folders. Here it is.

rnwc concluded the subtitling of Ajiou Ippon (later doing the Making of as well). Great job!!!!! (and of course all those episodes are available...yes, you guessed it :-)

Uploaded to the tracker and the folders was also the first fanrecordings of "Sukedachi", Aya's musical. Not as many songs as expected, but still worth a listen. sville1999 was wondering whether we would see any video release, and since many musicals have made it to DVDs or TV the chances aren't that bad, especially with Tsunku as producer.

But at least there was a whole bunch of official images (half of them were posted the next week, but it makes more sense to post the full set here)

and the second motive:

Another kawaii alarm in the RS folders: Aya from 2001 in a show called "Papapa Puffy" (at least Matt thinks that's what it's called - it might be this show - or its predecessor)

Another video upped was a talk and a performance of "Ki ga tsukeba anata" on the 2005 Music Station Super Live show. sville1999 was kind of enough to provide a HQ version.

And while zam was smitten with a close-up look at Aya backstage (in a video mind you :-) Quintaxos was looking for a Utaban episode with Aya and Yuko that he remembered fondly but wasn't able to find it anymore. Well, the man could be helped....yeah you're right, look in the folders....sville also found a veoh link for the 2001 show:

Matt uploaded two more pamphlets to the folders,
one for the "Sougen no Hito" musical , the other for the "Yeah! Meccha Holiday" Concert tour

Next highlight belonged to Nights4Saturn: So to commemorate my 100th video on Veoh, I've decided to upload a very special Ayaya vid: Her medley from the Hello! Project 2003 Winter concert, featuring Sougen no Hito, Yeah! Meccha Holiday, and The Bigaku. The really special thing about this video is its quality. Its in full 1080 (1920x1080) MPEG2 high-definition. Absolutely stunning. Download it if your harddisk can take it! Oh, and its a really good performance too! =D


Thunderbolt3000 found an appropriate way to celebrate the German release of "Sukeban Deka":

Matt posted some official images (from the Alo-Hello 2 photobook as tern rightfully pointed out). Fumi especially liked the picture with simulated Division-leading Angels logo (old Disney style) on her butt! :-)

And another four from a set begun last week:

Matt then reported the upload of Aya's DVD Magazine 2 + 3 to the folders and lamented the fact that he didn't possess Vol. 1. A kind soul (who wants to remain nameless :-) provided it though, so all three are now complete. sville also mentioned that Aya was featured in the MM DVD Magazine Vol.7 and Hello! days Vol.7, the first is in the folders as well now thanks to him. Sville also reported that Aya would perform in the Sakigake Summer Special on August 18 and mentioned that she already did appear twice on that show in 2006, on February 1 and September 20 (last one in the folders). Btw, Sakigake is also the name of Japan's first interplanetary spacecraft (a fact that enlightened Fumi who of course knew about that!

Matt then came up with a little quiz, wondering if anyone knew what this was: Well, it didn't take the members long to figure that one out, usagi no kami receiving the Gokden Matsu Award for most exact answer. Don't know whether this is a good or bad sign though =:-0
It is the DVD cover for one of AV star Ran Monbu's Ayaya cosplay videos. She even did a flic called "Sukepan Deka" which isn't that good though. Ummmm, that's what I've heard.....ahem. There is a small sample in the folders using one of Aya's Gogo no kocha commercials as a theme (beware - it contains nudity - duh!). Seriously, the lead-up to the AV parts are very well done, and the porn parts are an utter disappointment after that :-)

The new Meringue brought a pleasant surprise as Aya did look and was dressed and made up her age and looked very pretty indeed. Or as mister.mori put it: wow! i don't know which is more stunning!...Aya, or the fact that her outfit isn't hideous!

Azagrath did a funny cartoon with them:

Maiko^o^ was the first to catch a glimpse of the new PV on google (link no longer valid though), but 6 seconds were not enough to say much, but enough to keep asking for more...but he then posted a link to dohhhup with the full video. And sville spotted it on youtube:

The reviews of the thread members were enthusiastic (even from those who didn't like the ballads):
Mattthecat: I love it. Japan's answer to Celine Dion :-))) Just marvelously sung. And a pretty video too.
sville1999: Simple yet beautiful, I'd say!
PNZ: wow, that was a really good song.. *wipes away a tear
mister.mori: she looks sooo amazing! and i loved that special effect with the mirror!
mangomalte: i didn't think i'd say this, but i was deeply moved too! i'm still longing for a more upbeat song, but wow... that was really something. the PV was simple yet beautiful, and the song too. if she's ever proved that she's by horse lengths the best singer in H!P then that would be now. to me it sounded like she sang stronger than she uses to, really beautiful. after half of the PV i had had goose bumps for a minute and the tears almost started running... until the lalala part came... that brought me down to earth again. kinda ruined it imo. but i'm still amazed... *puts on the song again*
blackwin: At first I really don't like this song when I heard the preview song (a studio recording one).But when I watch this PV, I fall in love with this song and Aya's voice
Maiko^o^: pretty song + pretty PV + pretty woman = ayachan
Nights4Saturn: OH MY GOSH! I'm gone for a couple of days and I miss THIS!?!?! Its so beautiful!
Quintaxos: So awesome, I really like the song now when I can picture Aya singing it.

Well, that's it for this week.

Cyaa next one :-))))