Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 33 (August 12 - August 18)

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sville posted a link to a new Youfuku no Aoyama commercial with Miura Tomokazu. Needless to say : It can be found in the RS folders...Aya looking smashing in it

WyldKat came up with a neat idea (unfortunately your editor was too tired to be much useful there - though I satill think it's a worthy idea): Quick review of the rules: I post a picture and you respond with the feelings it inspires in you. Again, medical staff are standing by for blood transfusions. Too bad only Alien and Fumi replied - oh, and Matt... sort of....

Pic 1: Alienpyon: It's a shame that such a beautiful girl loses to a bracelet - Fumi: she is beautiful like winter, she looks like frost on dark ground, although maybe I think about winter because I see Hokkaido city name in picture. - Matthecat: MARRY ME!!!!!

Pic 2: Alienpyon: No take-away. I'll eat this one here - Fumi: she is beautiful like autumn, she looks like wind stirring leaves through forest. - Matthecat: MARRY ME!!!!!

Alien also posted a link to a funny video in which Yossie and Nono were making fun of Aya which reminded Matt of Nakai's impression of Aya on an Utaban episode: "I just dreamt I was eating a cloud" tern (and Matt too) are still wondering what song this was though. Lol

Matt told the members that he was working on a sub for the Ribbon no Kishi - Aya version which was met with rightful enthusiasm :-) and posted some print ads for the postal service: and a late image from an offical set:

WyldKat gave up (too soon) on his idea, but posted his three favorite Aya pictures with his comments:

First we have what I like to call Gangsta-Aya. With her pose I can just imagine her saying something like "Sup b*tchs?!?" as she throws her 'cuter than you' gang sign.

This pic always gets a good shiver out of me. I love her pose and expression. It says "Enjoying the view?" with a sarcastic tone, but she isn't moving to obstruct it. Kind of like she is enjoying the attention but isn't about to let you know it! Plus the pale and even tone of her legs is very striking with her outfit. Add in my weakness for nice legs (hers rate as outstanding btw) and you have a near perfect picture imho.

And finally to add some comedy to this long winded post, I present to you "Aya, queen of the tribbles!"

ZhenHaoChi posted a youtube link to one of the most hilarious Aya vids (which has been in the folders for some time btw). driving Matthew crazy. Quintaxos (with his 100th post - good thread choice :-) watched it 20 times in a row...


Matt was very flattered when Fumi made a cartoon based on his professional work:

Quinatxos came up with another youtube video, this time a live concert rendition of "Love Chance": 

atstrbcks saved Aya from the second page with these great pics: The second one raised the suspicion of Tuhis, Quintaxos and N4S that Miki and Aya (who according to rumor are not frightned of alcoholic beverages) did have a good time when the picture was taken...

Thunderbolt3000 posted two pics with German subs (I'd rather not translate the first one - there might be children present :-)) - Thunderbolt's "Bite me, bitch" not entirely correct... and atstrbcks followed with a nice gif:

Matt then posted two collages from the Egao PV (not his own) and blackwin pasted an interesting news brief from Pilika's site: Aya matsuura furieuse contre son agence UFA ! Aya Matsuura serait furieuse face à son agence UFA qui s'occupe d'elle depuis bientôt 4 ans. En effet, elle a eu connaissance qu'UFA aurait refusé sa présence en tant que rôle principal dans HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. Le directeur de casting de cette comédie musicale (lancée en 2005 par Disney et qui a remporté un énorme succès dans le monde) aurait donc voulu Aya Matsuura en héroïne (actrice + chant) mais les négociations ont vite pris fin car UFA aurait voulu mettre (ou plutôt caser sauvagement) dans ce film d'autres artistes du Hello ! Project. Pour le moment toutes les négociations sont bloquées. Il c'était passé le même problème pour le film "Sukeban deka" ou UFA avait réussi a caser les Biyuden... It seems that casting director for "High School Musical" (made a hit by Disney in 2005) wants Aya in the lead role, but the fact that other HP artists are going to appear there as well didn't go over well with Aya, so negotiations are blocked ATM. Hard to say what's behind all this but it's interesting becauseaccording to Matt this is one of the first times really that disputes like that surface. Normally this is all kept behind closed doors (despite it happening all the time I'm sure).

sville then uploaded the 360MB version of Egao (I will wait for the vob for upload in the RS folders) plus an mp3, and blackwin brought us the Making of "Ki ga Tsukeba Anata", soon to be found in the folders.

To close off the week (which was a bit shorter due to a lot of pics being used in last week's review) vidcaps from the Meringue, again with Aya dressed in a way that allows no criticism :-))

And WyldKat's warning (btw her reaction to the lttle critter moving was priceless :-) finally gave Matt the chance to make a jokle he wanted to do for ages...
WyldKat: OMG, it's Gizmo! Don't get him wet Aya!
Matt: Too late!!!!!

Cya next week :-)))