Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 34 (August 19 - August 25)

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It was finally completed: The subtitled "Ribbon no Kishi - Aya Matsuura version" found its way to the tracker and the RS folders. Matt's thanks goes to epifanes for allowing him to use his HPS translation and my good pal from usenet days and fellow HO member Sonojinshi for translating the curtain call talk. A 40MB sample can be found here.

mister.mori noticed the female fans not being far behind their male wota counterparts during the Sakigake performance of "Egao", and jw042693 posted a funny clip from that show with Aya laughing her butt off during DJ Ozma's dancers' provocative performance (which Cotton Cloth recruited for his avatar :-)

The question arose how popular Aya is among female fans which was answered by usami no kagi this way: I'd wager she's pretty popular among them seeing as how she seems to be more artist than idol and doesn't seem to have too much of the Wota stigma attached. Plus she done some doramas that seemed geared toward a female audience.... that one where she played the dying girl for instance, total Lifetime TV fare.

Fumi (after giving a nice description of your editor's work Another amazing historical Matsuura archive by Matt, curator of electrons that are proper age for marriage! :-) posted a picture of cartoon dolls (referring to Aya's performance on Puffy's live TV show).
Matt actuially mistook the Ami's for Aya in Meccha Holiday attire and Yumi as the Japanese Ken (blushes)

Alienpyon (while being enthusiastic about the layout of the Sukeban Deka DVD menu) thought it a bit odd that the Making of concentrated solely on the HP idols while I do wonder how other audiences will feel while watching the making of. I mean, the cast contains Riki Takeuchi, a famous yakuza-film actor (has done quite a few appearances in Takashi Miike's films, too), the director of "Battle Royal" and still, the makingof ignores the lot of them and, instead, focuses exclusively on Rika, Erika, Yui and Ayaya, three pop stars that the world outside Japan has never heard of! For us it's like watching any H!P making of, but this is not an H!P production! This dvd will be on sale among "regular" flicks. Those buyers are in for a shock!

Matt reported the upload of the August Youfuku Aoyama commercial in a HQ version to the folders and posted some pics:

Quintaxos brought us a youtube link to a Nochiura Natsumi performance on Music Station

Nights4Saturn started a survey about the Aya collection of the members which brought some interesting (and impressive) results, including mangomalte's Love Gift 2002, Matt's new Aya fan and KaBluie's nice cards..

He also reported that we could look forward to next week's musiG episode:

The reviews on "Egao" continued. While Aya's performance was beyond criticism the song itself didn't meet the enthusiasm of all concerned. Cotton Cloth, Azagrath and mangomalte found it rather blah and dull while Matt actually liked it :-)

tern recalled that the Making of "Ki ga Tsukeba Anata" was a 28 minutes Ice Tea commercial :-)) and recruited a new Aya fan with this Meringue cap

Matt had found a funny mirror skit with the great Sayaka Aoki from a 2005 Minna no Terebi, available on the tracker and the folders.

He also had received three new items: Two pamphlets (Yeah! Meccha Holiday and First Date - the last one I haven't seen anywhere yet) and the Matsuura-Goto in HP Winter 2006 PB. I will try to scan the two on the weekend if I have the time. Time unfortunately is a factor right now, but the scans will come...

Alienpyon had found an interesting (upcoming) compilation CD in honor of Ryochi Hattori on CD Japan on which there will be Aya participation: Compilation album featuring Japan's current top artists covering classic Jpop tracks by Ryoichi Hattori! Includes songs from KANJANI8, Yo Hitoto, Masaharu Fukuyama, Aya Matsuura+Terumasa Hibino,Yosui Inoue, Kazumasa Oda,, Gospellers, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Hideaki Tokunaga, Masayashi Yamazaki, and more! sville1999 did some homework on Hattori which is quite interesting. Alien also posted two Hattori mp3s: One Two (the second one identified correctly by N4S as the one Aya sang with Miki and Maki on the Happy Xmas show). He also reported a scheduled Aya appearance on FM Tokyo's Wonderful World on August 30.

Matt continued with some pics. First off a magazine article: and an advertisement for Egao located in Shibuya as mister.mori pointed out (angry about the fact that they put it up after he had left...) . Finally some official images:
and to close off the week some caps from Ayaya News, a feature from News24, promoting "Egao". He found her rather cute with her Nana Mouskouri impersonation (a sentiment echoed by WyldKat), but would still perfer her without glasses.

Well, that's it for this week (oh, and the new Meringue was just a "Best of" from past weeks this time), so

Cya next week :-))))