Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 35 (August 26 - September 1)

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sville1999 had accumulated a lot of information regarding her upcoming TV appearances, and a scheduled release of Sukedachi: Sukedachi will be released on DVD on the 5th of December (according to this page) and aired on Theater TV in November (according to this page.)

Matt posted (after reporting that this week's Meringue was just a "best of" from the past weeks, posted some official images:

usagi no kami posted the Tensai! Let's Go Ayayamu single from the Hamtaro movie, and Matt whined when his emule download of the Haropuro Party Captain Kouen Concert Pamphlet turned out to be corrrupt. Thankfully LOVEAYA uploaded it for him, so it now can be found in the RS folders. Himalia also uploaded the NEO DVD Magazine which has the same concert as a theme (also available in the same folder). Thank you guys!!

Here's a collage of bespectacled Nana "Aya" Mouskouri from Ayaya News:

Cotton Cloth reported the purchase a 1.5 litre bottle of Ayaya's famous Gogo tea (the one with the fancy red label). It cost me a grand total of £3.72!!! Ooof! It was not nice. Not at all. Give me Lipton's Lemon Ice Tea over this stuff any day of the week. Imagine if you boiled a pot of tea, let it stew for 5 minutes, added a whole cup of sugar and some red food colouring before pouring. A notion which was agreed upon by several others, though the Milk Tea is supposed to be a lot better :-)

sville posted another Aya with glasses: and aewen uploaded the Egao single (which N4S was the first to pick up - in California. He didn't like the flip side "Anata ni Deaete" though. According to sville1999 the single debuted at #8 on Oricon Daily Ranking. As we know by now it sank like a rock thereafter :-(

Next to , (solo DVD in the folders) and there was a set of collages from the GAM concert DVD:

Tuhis enlisted the help of some James guy and a German police dream team to ensure his stake on Aya goodness.

Alien came up with some nice inspiration for my next nail session with Aya while itzuki brought us rather big Sukeban poster . Cotton Cloth had a brutally honest (but quite true from a cineastic view - sorry guys and gals :-) review of it: All I can say is that as bad as it is, it's probably one of the better H!P related movie offerings I've seen. We all know Aya can act, and she does a pretty good job with this drek. Rika and the girls from Viyuden are there also, and I have no complaints about them. But I think it's a little odd when the so-called professional actors in a movie are out-acted by a quartet of pop stars. The story is just absurd and relies on the fact that nobody ever asks the right questions, or does any of the obvious things. Large chunks of this film as just so embarrassing that I watched them with my hands over my eyes, groaning. The opening scenes in New York were so bad that I almost gave up on the film right there. But some of the later fight scenes are entertaining enough. And the girls all look great, so... One of the things that's interesting is that the actors seem to look away from the camera a lot when they're talking, perhaps anticipating that the film would be dubbed for foreign markets. And the English dub is not entirely awful. The Voice Over artists seem to be of a higher quality than many of the Japanese actors on-screen. Most others liked it though. And so did I - but you better not look without your fan glasses :-)

Meanwhile jw042693 discovered Aya material for itunes.

And then Alien got his Egao copy and scanned the inside covers. Yeah!!

wildstarr posted a link describing Aya's new job as anchorwoman: Matsuura is going to try her hand at becoming a newcaster on Nippon Television Network’s NEWS24, which uses her new song “Egao” as the theme. She will have her own special corner titled “Ayaya NEWS”. She will express her own opinions on daily news happenings, such as the LPD’s three top executives. sville then added the official URL. Needless to say that all broadcasts are available in the RS folders... N4S found out that Aya finalls got what she was striving for: Her goal for 2004 was to be "girl who won't die out of the news!"I guess she'll finally be able to accomplish that! The evidence is here.

Congrats to usagi no kami for 3000 posts, and he wrote prophetically about Miki's plight: Well we know that Miki's at least got the GAM FC thing in Hawaii coming up but other than Gatas and Doki Miki it's possible she's still suffering some "in house" punishment from UFA and likely won't be seen/heard from much until the FC thing. However I'm quite sure that GAM will continue and will likely have a new single before the aforementioned FC event to rouse up more hype for said event.

Finally Matt posted another set of images:

Cya next week :-))))