Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 37 (September 9 - September 17)

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First of all: I did a little miscalculation, so this week has nine days :-)))

With the Hawaiian GAM tour around the corner the first radio appearance on a local station and the first pictures from the Information Village appeared, followed later by some more interesting stuff. Looks a bit like Uncle Jessie's Square Dance Information Center though, but Miki's drawing is cute.
There was also a fanrecording of the handshake event which was a sort of mini-concert.

Fumi brought us another cartoon (when is HP finally going to hire her as official cartoonist?)

Wanderer-V2 surprised us with a kawaii shot from the 2002 Sports Festival (Aya does like cake in her face, doesn't she...)

Matt reported the upload of a nice 2006 episode of Hey!Hey!Hey! with a Suna wo kamu youni...Namida performance to the folders

Nights4Saturn posted links for the First Press edition of the upcoming album "Double Rainbow", sville1999 for the regular one. sville also found the next of the new Gogo no Kocha commercials (all three now in the RS folders)

A big series of official images celebrating the GAM Hawaiian tour appeared:

sville then posted a few interesting things: Not sure which event this was (some radio show I guess) and what she was holding and why there's a skull printed on it:
Plus some nice comments (see 9/12 entry) from Tsunku about Aya's Sukedachi performance and a nice gif from Egao

The GAM tour over, Aya performed the Rakuten fight song at the September 13 game, though without Miki. There was a short clip, but unfortunately the stuopid sports casters didn't show the whole thing. According to sville the Eagles won the game :-)

ampedechoz brought us the "Double Rainbow" track list and covers from cddata. Everybody loved the cover and were curious which direction they would go after the latest sales disasters. Alienpyon's question since when Aya was wearing a crucifix was countered bvy WyldKat that it eas more a stylized rosary, asking the question whetrher Aya had ever spoken about her religious beliefs which couldn't be answered. But it provided thr grounds for a little discussion: Fumi said I know this is unusual but truth: in Japan sometimes western items like cross or heart become popular for decorative, although no one knows symbolic meaning. Probably Matsuura is not Christian person, almost no one in Japan is this religion, but cross is popular jewelry also worn by other H!P members if you will notice. mnuguyen remarked Yeah, crosses (and recently rosaries) have been a popular fashion accessory and I highly doubt everyone who wears it is of the Christian faith... and being a Catholic myself I find this a little inappropriate, but I don't mind it. Even some song titles and/or lyrics refer to Christian figures like Maria (Virgin Mary) or Jesus. And Matt added mnuguyen is right, wearing crucifixes for decorative reasons only is popular even in mainly Christian countries.

Roxasu had a nice lttle find in NYC and Matt followed with the caps from the new Meringue:

Her fashion style provoked some headshaking, but there was a preview for next week with Aya dressing up for some dorky guy who will be guest...

Matt posted a picture of an Aya memo pad Nice idea, but how could you write on Aya's face? Plus some other official images:

The last pic without logo but bigger: giving Fumi the opportunity for another great cartoon:

Matt thought that it somehow reminds me of the Eskimos rubbing noses... Very funny, Fumi Though I hope Aya doesn't plan on becoming the bearded lady at the carnvial sideshow should her single sales refuse to go up....

Another new one by Matt , but the closure of the week belongs to Alienpyon: I received the PV of "Egao" this morning and I must say that I LOVED IT! Ayaya has got to be in the world's most beautiful women top-5 chart Oh, here are scans of all photos found in the dvd. How much beauty can you handle without collapsing?!

Cya next week :-)))