Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 38 (September 18 - September 22)

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Since the last review covered nine days, this one is a bit shorter to get back into rhythm :-)

After recovering from Alienpyon's scanned images from the Egao DVD felt only strong enough to post this one of Aya: . Maybe he was also still a bit confused after waching and uploading the Odoru11 PV (which is certainly one of the weirdest ones to come from HP - as is the song)

Fumi (after seeing the latest images) sighed: She has appearance of competent and confident adult, not little kid. (I wish I can appear 50% this much confidence when I am making reports to my project managers!) Well, Fumi, imagine your boss in a naked state - that usually does it for me...until someone tells me to put my clothes back on... :-(
In any case: You should present those reports as cartoons :-)

jw042693 discovered a nice shot with (I guess) the DJ from All Night Nippon's music-and-comedy radio show which Aya had appeared on twice in the last weeks),
making fun of her extensions (I hear ya, bro - and so did Nights4Saturn and mnuguyen) On the September 17 show there was also a nice piano-only live versions of Egao (thanks sville1999) and Suna wo kamu youni...Namida

Maiko^o^ brought us a preview of "Onna Day by Day" from her upcoming album (thx to lovemusic@JPM) The upbeat tune was received with great enthusiasm by EVERYONE. sville even went as far as making an OPV for it, using Making of Egao material for visuals. Nice work, mate :-)


sville discovered a new artist photo on the HP site: and it was another akwaii alarm when Matt uploadfed a 2002 episode of Sanma no Manma (with Sanma being on his best behavior :-)

sville found a complete tracklist for Double Rainbow:

01. Ima wa Let it Be - L: Yoji Kubota C: BULGE A: BULGE, Hideki Yanagisawa
02. Happy to Go! - L/C/A: Minoru Comorita
03. Soulmate - L: Tamio Ootomo C/A: Youichirou Yasuoka
04. Double Rainbow - L: Yoji Kubota C/A: Naoki Oka
05. Blue Bird - L/C/A: Minoru Comorita
06. Kaze ni Makasete - L: Yoji Kubota C/A: Hideki Yanagisawa
07. Suna wo Kamu you ni... Namida L: Morimura Mera C: Joey Carbone & Kyoko Nitta A: Taisei & Konishi Takao
08. Toudai - L/C/A: Tateki Kobayashi
09. Hikkosenai Kimochi - L: Yoji Kubota C/A: Hideki Yanagisawa
10. Onna Day by Day - L: Dai Murai C/A: Youichirou Yasuoka
11. Egao - L/C: Yumi Tanimura A: Naoki Oka

(Source: tvstation.jp. Official discography. ThePPN) (L - Lyrics; C - Composition; A - Arrangement.)

Tuhis was the first to remark that Hmm... I fail to see Tsunku anywhere. Could it be that he has only supervised the making of the album? It could be rather FRESH. Which brought on a short discussion about the master's capabilities - but at least as Alien said At least he's not being stubborn and he entrusts fresh composers to take over -----------> respect. Alien also noticed that And I can see track 5 has the same title as Ayumi Hamasaki's 40th single which brought on another short change of replies about Ayu to which Matt added: Yeah, I also like Ayu. I think it's good that there's a place in the entertainment industry for introvert personalities

And mister.mori reminded us of the Youfuku no Aoyama commercials (most of which can be found in the RS folders) and two of the new spots for Gogo no kocha were uploaded in good quality to the folders as well

Syt reminded us of the funny clip with Aya being embarrassed by her "crimes of the past":

Matt reported the upload of a nice Music Fighter episode from 2005 in which Aya had a lot to laugh (not that it is available in two versions - A higher-res raw one and a bit lower-res subbed one - courtesy of rnwc: A really funny episode with Aya in it. Guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor laughing with tears streaming out of your eyes.).
and closed out the week with his best cartoon effort so far (ahem) which Fumi was nice enough to do a follow-up on:
Btw this was from the new Meringue which you can see more from in the next issue.

Cya next week :-)))