Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 4 (Jan 20 - Jan 26)

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The week started off with a bit of Aya wiggling (click on the picture to play)

The thread quality discussion continued for a bit before being laid to rest with the notion that the many people on this forum simply post in just as many ways. There was a nice post by Fumiko:
"My opinion: there are many forums like this around the world, populated by people from every country. Peace Of World will begin by this. Honto desho! and it will continue when individuals chat each other and send message to each other and have fun together through cyber mind. This is my opinion. If you would like to know statistic? there are 193 countries in the world now, this does not include Taiwan or independent Palestine state which does not yet exist but soon. Only 23 countries active in fighting currently, this is smaller percentage than past years. I believe human race is evolve to better spirit, and all mass media is helping this! especially internet with allows direct communication person to person everywhere! [Of course agriculture technology supports better food production, fewer people are starve! this is also extremely important to reduce fighting.]
I have heard many astronauts' speech, okay? and met some of them, and they all say same: when seen from space, Earth does not show any national borders, they love this view.
So you wonder: What this girl Fumiko is talking about? Does Matsuura care about such things? I think if Matsuura will know about such as this forum, she will be very happy that people are trying to communicate each other around the world!"

Fumiko also gave us two pinky Ayaya pictures:

Followed up by Matt posting some dreamy/thoughtful images:


tern reminded us of http://ayaya.free.fr/Galerie-Photobooks.htm. That site (maintained by HO member pillika) is one of the best (if not the best) Ayaya sites on the internet.

Fumiko brought up the smoking issue, a habit which Aya hopefully will not get into. Matt posted a mp3 of our lovely singing Dearest and Sankaku Kankei (with Inaba, Otani, Shibata) on the late show at Nagoya on January 20. Unfortunately the file is no longer available, but I am planning on buying a rapidshare account, so that the files will stay at least a year. Stay tuned...

Sasshi uploaded the Fall Concert tour on the tracker (which didn't bring too many responses in the thread though) which was later audio-ripped and uploaded as well.

Some more pics were posted:


Aya appeared as host of Utawara after all, in the first of two birthday specials (the other one will follow the next week). Very nice ones, with Aya performing "Koi no Kisetsu" with Yuko Kon (thanks RobinHead for the info):

After some thoughts about Aya being VERY good at talking :-)

Alienpyon posted two Matsuura songs sung by Tsunku himself: Sougen no hito and YOUR SONG ~Seishun Sensei~ which brought on a little discussion about Tsunku's voice (heaven or hell????)

Aya then appeared on another Uta Doki! on Jan 22 (this time in a duet with Atsuko Inaba singing "Romance no Kamisama"

Matt then started a discussion about whether Aya is an emotional singer. While he thinks that all HP stars are too 1:1 in their performances (hoping that Aya will be able to get out of this shell more often - posting Lone Justice's song "Wait 'til We Get Home as an example) Alien stressed the fact that the songs themselves are rather bland. Fumiko maintained that Aya is indeed an emotional singer and came up with a list of the best voices in Japan (Namie Amuro, Hikaru Utada and Tomiko Ban being the other ones) which brought about some posts about the members's other favorite singers. Fumiko also posted some caps from Aya's summer tour:

Another discussion started about the best pop songs Aya has sung/recorded. Of course many were mentioned :-)

Gaijin21 posted a rather suggestive gif which brought the temperature of the male members up a bit:

Lastly Matt (while in the process of ripping the concert Fall DVD) posted one of his favorite tracks from the event (which he still thinks is one of her best concerts).
It's "Yume"

Cya next week :-)