Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 40 (September 30 - October 6)

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Thze week started off with a bang when sville1999 uploaded Aya's Summer Live 2002 Concert, an open air affair with Melon Kinenbi. It was after her "First Date" tour in the summer of 2002 and is like a compact version of the "First Date." The particular concert in the vid was held at Fujikyu Highland in Yamanashi Prefecture on 2002/08/17. sville also gave us the good news of Aya appearing in upcoming episodes of Music Fair21 (Oct 6) and Music Japan (Oct 12). Note the hat...

Matt, after finally getting up-to-date on the weekly reviews again, posted a rather nasty cartoon, taken from the latest Ayaya News

But that moment is so kawaii that it deserves to be shown without the captions :-)

Aya was also scheduled to appear in Sabra and Cool magazines:

And some more images to prove that Aya is the only and real cowgirl of HP (initiated by Fumi last week)...never mind that she doesn't look reeeeeal comfortable :-)

While silenceglaive was shocked to see his name mentioned in the review (just as Matt was shocked that someone was actually reading it :-)))) Alienpyon posted the cover of Nacchi's new CD and was irritated by the familiar hairstyle. Which was easily explained by Matt who had suggested Aya's coiffeur Hideoshi Antoine to Natsumi:
More at home then on a horse we can see Aya on the pics from a golf site: N4S commented on the first one, finding it just as kawaiii as phlizzow did: Can't quite tell if what just happened was really good or bad!

silenceglaive was the first to review her new radio show: I have to say I enjoyed listening to the show:
1. Ayaya voice is so nice and calming .. if I ever have problems sleeping .. I'd listen to that
2. The Music was good. Though you can discuss about a Britney song as last ... Though the first 3 were superb .. okay were Ayaya's songs anyway
3. It was so cute how she spelled the email address
Matt would have locved to enliven the discussion, but he didn't understand a word, but of course finds her voice soothing as well, though not to the point of falling asleep :-))) But we do what he means...

usagi no kami found out that three songs (Egao and GAM's Atsui Tamashi and Daisuki Rakuten Eagles) made its way to the new Pucchi Best 8 CD :-) Though mangomalte'sa fear was that they chose the GAM tunes because they didn't expect any new ones anymore. Well, I'm sure UFA will prove him wrong :-)))

Some print commercials were uploaded (the last being a CD with the SkyPerfecTV spot, soon to be found in the folders):

And two pics from so far unidentified events: . N4S's assumption (and vague remembrance) regarding the first one is a reading version of "Your Song" which might be quite correct as this was found among several other items surrounding her single. Like these scans from "Skyward" magazine (2004):

Plus her "Summer Gift" which seems to be something like the "Love Gifts".

Matt also reported the start of the upload of the 2006 Spring Concert Tour Otona no Namida to the RS folders (who are getting an average of appx. 70 hits a day :-))))

But even more important were the news on one of our favorite TV shows: There was talk about a facelift for Uta Doki. And they seem to be starting with it on Monday, with an Ayaya week. This will consist of "Egao" (her video I guess), a repeat ("Nagisa no hai kara ningyo" from episode 144), a "talk day" and three new performances (Dreams Come True's "Sankyu", Miho Nakayama's "You're My Only Shinin' Star" and Yumi Harai's "Hikoukigumo". Which of course makes six days, but the last one is on the 15th, so that may already by Yuko Nakazawa's who is featured the week after.

October 6 was a banner day for Aya fans. Aside from the seventh edition of Ayaya News (sporting her latest hairdo which she will wear in next week's Meringue as well) she was also featured in yet another edition of "Music Fair21" (honoring Ryoichi Hattori), singing a nice jazzy version of "Rappa no Musume", but also wearing something that well....as Matt put it: No, it can't be.....it just can't be... That's right Aya...slap yourself for allowing "The Hat that Ate Tokyo" to take over your life... She obviously saw the result in that day's Meringue which might explain this expression: usagi no kami had an interesting theory: It gets attention and gets her noticed. People might be tuning in just to see what she's wearing and that raises her public profile which could possibly translate into new fans and bigger sales. Which prompted Matt to suggest that maybe she'll come out with her own clothing line: Couture d'aveugle.

All ridicule aside (and while atstrbcks liked Ao no Honoo but rightfully thought that there was not enough Aya in it) let's close the week with the obligatory caps from Meringue:

silenceglaive observed that somehow Ayaya has always those cute and funny facial expressions. So thanksfully Matt is excused for making those dozens of caps (coz that's exactly the reason :-)

Cya next week :-)))