Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 43 (October 21 - October 27)

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The week started in good fashion when lovemusic posted the October 20 night concert gig.

Matt followed with some pictures:

The discussion about Aya's role on "Meringue" then continued with Fumi replying on silenceglaive's thought that she was the one people could laugh with: Yes, this is her role, and she is doing this role very well. Matsuura is pretty smart girl, and she is very fine actress, so she can do well in this role right now. I think she is not pretend to be sincere, cute, interested girl! she is acting because she controls her types of response to match her role. She is really a nice and sweet person, maybe a little bitchy sometimes but all of us are that, even Erika Sawajiri became in trouble recently for that. Matsuura is what you imagine, yes. And adding to silence's hopes that she will get her own show soon: I don't mind so long as it does not distract Matsuura from acting and from music, which are her strongest points, especially jazz which is her destiny! To which Matt added: Actually I think sometimes that this year on Meringue is some sort of apprenticeship for upcoming talkshow hosts for her. Less wait and see. Fact is on Meringue there's no way to equal Hisamoto, and Aya better not try. Lol

Thanks to shug the mystery of the picture with Aya holding a book was finally revealed. It was (as Nights4Saturn had suggested) a reading of the "Your Song" lyrics, on an episode of Pop Jam to be exact: The poetry reading can be found here as a mp3.

KnightProtector was asking for "Zutto Suki De Iii De Suka" which was kindly provided by atstrbcks but which could've been of course been found in the folders as well :-)

Alienpyon posted a picture from the wiki and zam brought us several youtube links. One with the Zutto close-up PV and several Glico Pretz commercials

  The others can be found here: A - B - C - D

Also linked were wardrobe mishap (also in the folders) from the early years and an impersonation by Ken Maeda by mixedmedia who explained: Watch at your own risk.

  Matt did upload the Nochiura Natsumi Triangle Energy Tour pamphlet and then posted a sh...load of new concert tour official images. This will take a while....:

The best captions were from Ninja-man MARCH FORTH MY WOTAS! Leave no stone unturned and return only when you have found my precious! ... my Miki ... andQuintaxosZUBATTO! summer time :-)) Oh, and atstrbcks marveled: Aya's arms look so muscular!

Matt then suggested the DVD for Sukedachi as Xmas present (available on CDJapan and Playasia) which will be released early December.

Vermillion was asking for an ID of this lovely screencapwhich prompted Ninja-Man to ask Holy cow! Where is her little hat thingie? And the outrageous outfit with the garrish colors and mismatched shoes? She looks almost ... <gasp> ... normal! Vermillion later found out himself that it was from Ajiou Ippon.

silenceglaive gave us a review of her October 23 Five Stars radio show: First she starts off as usual, introducing herself, the other 4 5stars members. A bit slower this time ^^
And I always wonde r.. who the "Aya Matsuuoda" is this male voice presents all the time ... Anyway .... First song is Egao (again), cannot do rong with her songs anyway.
I notice Ayaya is really into that radio show thing, since she now uses the music also as background and talks at the beginning / end of songs too. After Egao she has the first "speech" part, in which she (imho) reads from listener mails. One seems to be pretty funny (especially it apears to me that this letter is in a strange accent). The next song was BASIA ,"BRAND NEW HOPE" ... don't know the song ... Following next is advertisement for Morning Musume's anniversary Album, fitting to it the follow up song is "FURUSATO". Staying inside the H!P with Nacchis "Iki wo kasane you", yay for other H!P music ^^. Ending song is Ayaya's "Kaze ni makasete" I hope all that advertisement will help selling Double Rainbow more. End of second week the Album is close to 12k sells (pretty good fortold from me )
Sadly this time I did not understand much of her talking, but she had so much fun, it didn't matter.

zeroyon wanted to know if the HD files he was uploading on the tracker were identivccal with those in the folders (probably not as I seldomly upload HD files) and is searching for more of them. So if anyone knows a source please let him know. N4S provided three links for his collection on veoh: A - B - C

Azagrath made another one of his spicy Aya-Miki cartoons and Matt posted some more pictures:

After krazyassgamer requested more subbed videos with Aya on the tracker (no argument there...) mister.mori reported about an every day experience (which will never happen in Germany I'm afraid): So i'm sitting in a kaiten sushi restaurant enjoying my lunch, and to my surprise i hear Matsuura's Egao on the radio. it was kind of unexpected since they were playing Koda Kumi, Otsuka Ai and YUI songs etc. then...BAM! Matsuura Aya. Which made Matt hope Well I do hope everyone in that restaurant stopped eating and listened, mumbling "have to buy that one right now..." and Vermillion ask Does Matsuura Aya get a lot of airplay on the mainstream radio stations in Japan? Just curious... A question which hasn't been answered yet.

Matt reported the start of renovation work for the RS folders, being kinda proud of his efforts (looking much better now) and a very special video to announce: Uploaded today is what you could call a kawaii overload. Gomattou appearing on a 2002 edition of "Fun!". Ayaya is kawaii herself. And so are (to a lesser degree :-) Mikitty and Gocchan. Little puppy dogs are kawaii too. Or so they say (hey I'm a cat man). But if you take Ayaya and puppy dogs you get.... (see above). And the best thing is Aya and her doggie win the race. Talk about a dog's life......

And while Matt was mourning the fact that the new Meringuw hadn't turned up as usual mister.mori brought to our attention the cameos by Kamei and Takahashi in Ajiou Ippon (the Karaoke scene) and the nuisance of the narrator's voice :-) But he concluded Matsuura really is a great actress! for those of you who haven't watched it yet, what are you waiting for!? So, what are you?

The conclusion of this week was a nice audio surprise: Two 20 minutes acoustic concerts (piano, guitar, harmonica) with songs from Double Rainbow, held at Shinagawa on October 28. Matt didn't know what the occasion was, but sville1999 and N4S found out. The buyers of the First Press edition of the album had found a lottery ticket in it for these concerts, held as a special appearance. These fanrecordings are excellent quality, beautifully sung (duh!) and a must download.

Cya next week :-)))