Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 44 (October 28 - November 3)

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First of all it must be noted that after several dozen threads for the invidual members of the H!P groups popped up, rendering the forum section almost impossible to follow, the mods decided to divide the official members threads into several subcategories, Aya ending up in the "Solo Artists and other Groups" part. And while this was probably a ggod idea it also meant that the traffic in the thread was reduced to very little indeed. Many people browsing for (I guess) the Momusus ended up visiting our thread before the split, and that fraction seems to be gone now. But on the other hand we now have only the true fans in here :-)


After some additional talk about "Ajiou Ippon" (most of it already discussed last week) like the appearance of Thane Camus (the refrigeeta sensei :-) there was also zam's hope that they would produce a new season of the series which was replied to by mister.mori: That would be great! but when you think about it, there would be no point. the drama focused on Tomoe's relationship with her father and judo. since both of those "issues" were resolved, there would be no "drama" for the drama. Which brought out the screenwriter in zam: mmm... let me imagine this... opening to new season: Tomoe get a new student... shes rough around the edges and goes my the nickname Mikitty... hahahahaha.. ok ok I'm missing Miki.

Then it was H!P46 making a rare visit to the thread, doing a bit of a shameless plug for his detailed analysis of the "Double Rainbow" album. Anyone who knows H!P46 will be aware that he put a lot of effort and though into this. And it should not be read on the by! So here's the link to his "Double Rainbow Project".

Meringue no kimochi was late being uploaded this week which made Matt almost climb up the wall in despair. But it did surface, so here are the screencaps:

While the last two pics reminded silenceglaive of "Prince Aya", Quintaxos' inquiry about that apperature on Aya's hand could be answered by Matt: Some kind of ointment that stimulates the blood circulation I believe. Alienpyon, observing Matt's picture flood mused Matt, this energy is remarkable! What type of batteries do you use? P.S. After all that, don't you ever dare call me a "wota"!

Undaunted by his sarcastic remarks :-) Matt continued to post a few more cute older ones and additional Double Rainbows

Aya this week also appeared on a show on AM1242 called "Takada Fumio no radio bibari hiru zu" (or something to that effect...). The website even had a picture of the session: There were also scans from what appears to be a new GAM FC DVD which hasn' t appeared anywhere so far unfortunately. Nights4Saturn suspects: It looks to be from the GAM event in Hawaii... I wonder if its a combination of their performance plus an Alo Hello! GAM sort of thing?

Then Matt brought some very bad news for the Matsuurian archives (the former Rapidshare folders):
Out of the blue Rapidshare has announced that in two weeks all accounts with more than 20GB will be declared XXL accounts. That means that all files not downloaded for 90 days will be deleted. Now they are implementing this within the duration of my 1-year contract which seems to be a bit illegal to me - though I will hardly go to court over this. Lol
And there are right now 150GB in the account...so that would be a XXXXXXXXXL account...
So what to do now...I've been thinking of an action called adopt-a-folder to get more accounts :-)
And of course downloading the endangered files (which I've already started doing). Good thing is that you don't have to dl the entire file, they will be re-dated as soon as the download starts. I might need your help in the future there. The best alternative right now seems to be megaupload.com however. They are offering a life-long account with 250GB with no deletions. I have contacted them to make sure that it means what it says. If it does I will begin to re-upload everything there piece by piece, starting with the endangered files. That will take several months of course and will mean that fewer new files will get upped each day. But at least everything will be safe.
In the meantime Matt has bought that mediaupload account and is planning on re-uploading the 150GB of content within a month, letting the uploader run day and night... A lot folks offered their help whis was greatly appreciated. Thanks my friends :-)))

silenceglaive gave us his Five Stars radio show review again: It seems in like 4-5 weeks we will have a full 30min Ayaya talk radioshow, since she reduced the Songs to 4 and (as last time) also speaks into the beginning and the end of the songs. This gives her more time to read fanmail. So far I understood that one mail was from a a guy that went to her concert recently and one fan wrote something like "Seeing you makes me want to become a better man" ... ^^ And she played Blue Bird as it was requested by someone ^^.

Matt posted another picture which probably came from that GAM DVD and sville1999 provided several links with great and rare Aya material (which will find its way into the archives in due time), including the jdorama "Futari". Two other movies had just been uploaded to the archives: "Ao no Honoo" and "Tenchi no Utagoe". Especially the last one is a tearjerker, the real life story of singer Yorico and her fight against throat cancer. The closing song performed by Aya and Yorico is so "syruppy" that it hurts but still anyone who doesn't cry doesn't have a heart.

After a rather short review all that's left for me to say now is

Cya next week :-)))