Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 45 (November 4 - November 10)

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Some very nice and new pictures were posted (all new additions from her latest concert), marking it a good beginning for a week that saw little action, mainly due to out heroine taking it a bit easier these days. Nights4Saturn marveled: The one were she is sitting is very dream-esque... The feathers (?) make her seem very angelic...

Matt received a heap of support for his re-upload task which made him very happy :-) Even Aya thought it was fabulous, as reported by ILoveMico:
Matt though found out that the new home for the Matsuurian archives was owned by a rather shady German, so let's all hope that all will go well in the future. He also made a page which described methods of bypassing that downloadslot problem at megaupload which prevents people from some Asian countries to connect to the files. Please report your experiences to Matt's guestbook!!

Aya appeared in a nice little feature on TV Tokyo called "Kotoba Saku ~Kizuna ga Kureta Message~", reading a letter from someone special. That someone was identified by sville1999 as famous theatrical director Yukio Ninagawa who had directed Aya in "Ao no Honoo". Unfortunately no one was able to figure out what he wrote her...

moe181 posted a link to the plaid skirt Pret commercial and Matt found a picture on the All Night Nippon radio station website after her guesting on Takashi Uehara's show (I guess that's him - and boy, she is tiny :-)

Next were the vidcaps from Saturday's Meringue:

This one was especially liked by silenceglaive reminding him of "Sukeban Deka": It's like this scene "I'll beat the living s**** out of you" and Azagrath who thought that it was a good Gary Coleman impression :-) And mister.mori was delighted to see her with long hair again :-)

atstrbcks wanted to know whether the GAM tour pamphlet was available on the tracker. It was, though with no seeds. That is, until shug kindly reseeded it :-)))

Matt found a hitherto unposted Double Rainbow official

and Syt (missing Miki-sama - aren't we all...) a little clip from their nonsense DVDs 

silenceglaive brought us his weekly review of Aya's Five Stars radio show: Somehow I wonder if I was right with my prediction because this time she spoke even more ^^ ... Soon we'll have a full talk with Ayaya with some background music. Seems she is now pretty setteled with reading messages (and she also gives the email adress like 3 or 4 times this time). From what I understood from the messages, they are mostly from people which were on her concerts recently (someone from Kansai too). And Ayaya speaks quike a long time about Aikonee-sama Some basic praisings and somethingt hat sounded like " I am happy you are there for me.." or something like that. As for Matt's question regarding Aikonee-sama: I listened to it again and it seems that there is a female friend aiko which ayaya refers to as one-sama. Dunno which aiko is meant. She says something like a first name though I am not able to guess it right ... I listened to it like 100 times now but I can't distinguish the first name .. maybe someone else can .. or help out with his knowledge about ayaya's female friends. And she talked about her in the corner where the 5 stars ppl talk about anything they have on their mind (you can see that in Reikitties last show too).

The week ended with another batch of Meringue caps, this time from November 10:

Ninja-man likes the caps: Her expressions are one the best reasons I'm fan. With a serious look, she can be "bring-you-to-your-knees" stunning ... But most of time she has a silly smile and is busily trying to out dork my Charmy. The fact she can go so easily between the two is amazing to me. To which Matt replied: I love her dorkiness
Some of my favorite moments are when she tries to be prevent Hisamoto from being un-ladylike.
And silenceglaive remarked: And the meringe shots are as usual very funny. Poor Ayaya has to drink something strange this time. True, though Takahata slurped it down in one gulp :-)

Well, that's all for now.

Cya next week :-)))