Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 46 (November 11 - November 17)

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Humle had found Sukeban Deka on a non-private tracker and tern posted his monthly bulletin :-) He was especially freaked out by Aya's toes in this commercial image: Fumi also remarked that I did not notice this until your recent commercial picture, but Matsuura really has big feet, huh? I think this is common characteristic of Japanese girls...I won't tell how I know this...anyway easier for us to stand up, yes? and maintain balance. :-)

Finally the mystery of the Aikonee-same from last week's radio show was solved as Matt reported: Our resident Sherlock Holmes, sville1999, has dug up the following links for an Aiko: wiki.theppn Japanese wiki. Whether that's actually the one can't be said for sure though. But at least they're both singers. At first I thought that she was the same girl that wrote the letter to Aya in the new "Kotoba Saku ~Kizuna ga Kureta Message~" (on the tracker and the archives). But that is in fact Saeko (who starred with her in "Aijou Ippon": wiki.theppn Japanese wiki
Next came a new batch of officials, add-ons to existing sets:

About that last image mangomalte had this to say: "10th of November, Saturday Kawaguchi Lilia Main Hall- The live was fun~ Aya -" whenever i see an official photo with text i want to translate it. not very interesting this time... and wow, Aya writes sloppy... Lol

Matt had great news about a new commercial contract: I just saw a new commercial being introduced on Omezame....it is for a product called "Center-In".
Yes, Aya is now doing advertisement for tampons... You could say: "Dear God, that's soooo NOT glamorous" Or you could say "Well she's a grown woman, accepted by her peers" which is good as it would mean a wider fanbase. In any case the commercial is quite funny and colorful. Gonna upload it tomorrow.
And while it's a spot for pads, not tampons (as zam correctly pointed out) Nights4Saturn quipped Personally, I just think she is trying to have her name and likeness associated with every type of product ever known to man. It's a noble feat, no doubt. Cassandra had found the website for it. Here are the images from that site while Matt added the cms to the archives in the meantime:

Vermillion raised the question Feminine hygiene products? She is definitely selling to her female fans... I wonder, does she have a lot of female fans? which mister.mori answered with this clip from the Sakigake! Ongaku Bantzuke 2007 Summer Fest Special if you look at the bottom middle screencap you can see the crowd. almost all of them are girls about the same age as Aya

Humle was looking for a wallpaper in 1680x1050 or 1440x900 but while Matt only suggested a site with hundreds of walls, Wanderer-V2 and jw042693 provided these two:

A newcomer to the thread, laurie333361 was looking for Aya PVs which was used by N4S for a shamless plug: If you download the Veoh Player/VeohTV app you can download all of her PV's plus alternate versions in full DVD quality from my series on Veoh here (The link is also in my sig). Another great place you can find them in a smaller encode is Mattthecat's great site. Which also has making of's, alternate versions, and almost every piece of Ayaya media you could ever ask for!

sville had discovered a voting site for NTV's Best Artist show. Here are the instructions. Now go and do your duty:
First box is her name (copy& paste the kanji from here) Quintaxos had done that but ended up voting for himself. Let's see if he has a chance...
Next box is your age bracket
Last box is your gender: First is male, second female
Submit button on the left at the bottom

There was a nice interview on the Rakuten site:

Another newcomer, ChobiMM3 asked for the lyrics to "Rappa to Musume" which can now be found here. Chobi also brought to our attention the maybe BEST Aya site on the net: HO member pillika's Ayawaii

Azagrath REALLY shocked us by posting two pictures side by side: which was greeted by a round of unbridled laughter by everyone :-) Matt had to drive the scary ghosts away by posting this lovely one: which prompted atstrbcks to remark Her bellybutton looks tiny!

lovemusic posted this one, though nobody knew what exactly Aya was holding there:

Matt meanwhile had discovered an older Epson commercial that he didn't know about, with Aya in four roles:

  and silenceglaive brought us his review of the new 5 Stars radio show: This weeks radio show was a bit more filled with Aya-songs then the last one. We got another "ton" of fanmails read where if I remember correctly, were again 1 or 2 which were to Aya's concerts. In between there was Stevie Wonders "Isn't she lovely" (maybe Ayaya thought of herself there ). Also there was a promotial run for Morning Musume's newest single Mikan.
In the corner where the host talk about themselfes Ayaya talked about her family and I think I catched one or two commets about GAM and Miki Again it sounded like the "we stay in contact and talk/mail" and so on. Sadly it wasn't so good to understand for my little to no knowledge

Vermillion had fallen in love with the close-up version of "Watarasebashi": It's mesmerizing, seeing her look at the camera with those eyes and that beautiful face like she was singing to the directly to the viewer... It's a really pretty song too (a Chisato Moritaka cover who also wrote the lyrics) and N4S added: So true! I think it's probably her best close-up version. Normally I find the close-ups kind of odd, with the camera fixed directly on her face, but not this one. Her facial expressions, I think, actually convey the feeling of the song better than the regular version. Later Alienpyon posted this cap from it

Thanks to sville1999 who provided the DVD Rip Matt was able to edit out the missing episode 7 of "Aya no DNA". And not only that there were also short "Break Times" inbetween the episodes which I have edited to form a sort of "Making of" To be found in the Archives of course.

Then it was time for another picture flood, these in celebration of her 2008 calendar (the last row suggesting to him a role as the next Bond girl...):

Chobi was so excited that she confessed *looks at the amazing pictures of Ayaya* Matt, I love you as much as I love Ayaya which made old cynic Matt blush (not a small feat mind you) and jealous Ninja-man cry out Wow, Matt has a Wota. No fair! I want one too! But Ninja: you gotta work hard to earn yourself a wota. Last word though goes to Chobi on this: *blushes a bright red* Shit, I leave for two days just when I have to defend myself! :-)

Alienpyon was wondering if he had missed anything as it had been rather quiet around Aya lately which Matt thought was actually a good thing: She's been frightfully busy this year, so I guess a little time off isn't a bad thing. There are still radio and TV (even if not singing) apperances and stuff, the last tour gig on the 24th and then the Xmas dinner shows. Plus of course Meringue every week (downloading it right now), the new commercial... She is a workhorse but better to take it easy once in a while then to burn out. Alien also reported bad news: Have a look at H!P's official site: You know I love Ayaya and I absolutely hate to break the bad news, but none of her gigs from start to finish was sold out What's wrong with her local fans, have they all turned their backs on her? Jeez, I hope not. But maybe with the GAM tour, new album, the musical and all some fans just didn't have any money left...

Closing the week were the caps from the new Meringue:

Especially that last pic (from next week's preview) caught the interest, Ninja-man observing: Aww how cute, they're wearing matching stockings. But the facial expressions ... wow. I couldn't imagine any lady-like captions to go with em. Looks like the scary one had some nasty taco-stand food and Aya is about to toss her PretzTM all over the set, while zam suggested: More like.. "Ewww.. who farted!". In fact it was something ther male guest did or said. Well, we are going to find out....

Cya next week :-)))