Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 48 (November 25 - December 1)

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The week began with another round of Meringue caps:

Aya did look quite stunning this time, Ninja-Kat especially fond of the hair and Odore!Morning Curry wondering whether she really was only 21. Which Matt tried to explain this way: She might appear older coz she's been in the business for seven years now. Though Wolf thought that she was younger... Kreuz Asakura added I've always thought that she's the only one who fits the "perfect idol" role in all HP! NEWTAIP thought I also like her hand gestures a lot~~she has the most fluent hand gestures when it comes to sing in live~~~ which was of course acknowledged by Matt: She's actually the Queen of dramatic hand movements. Lol. And funny facial expressions of course... zam concluded: In the making of her drama "Aijou Ippon", the commentator calls her "Japan's little angle" if i recall correctly, but the "angel" part I remember correctly, coz I agreed with him 100%. With all this talk about Aya maturing in her music, I hope she won't totally leave behind what she has build up as her own little corner of the music world - meaning after all the work shes done since day 1 she has, no doubt, left her mark - the cute-hand-gesture-funny-facial singer I would still like her to do a song like Ne~ once in a while even after she has become a Jazz singer. To me I feel like Aya is a little older than her true age. Eventho I've only recently followed her career, but I got to see her growth as an entertainer, most of the time by chance, thru the various vids of Aya I come across. I get to see her evolve to where Aya is now so I kinda get the impression that shes older than she actually is. I don't measure her by her looks coz nearly all H!P members look like they are stuck looking like 20year old girls
So when I read I was like HUH?! she's 22?!? It felt like she was 26.

Next came a bunch of new pictures which furthered the discussion:

Vermillion took the first and last of these pictures to remark: It's amazing how much effect hair, makeup and clothing have on how old a person looks... For instance: In this (the first) picture, our girl looks like she is in her late teens or early 20's like she really is. In this (the last) picture, thanks to hairstyle, makeup and clothing, she looks like she could be in her late 20's or early thirties , older than she actually is.... I've noticed on a lot of TV appearances, how she dresses makes her look like she is in her 30's.... though jw042693 thought for me, it's the exact opposite. The first picture reminds me of Yuko and the second one is more trendy. And Nights4Saturn commented: She's such a beautiful young woman, yet she'll dress in a way that is a little past simply "mature." As a result, people think she is much older than she really is. I wonder if any of this is really based in a motive to actively distance herself from her old image. Or maybe I'm just overanalyzing it! And codec even believed to see a nipple in the nightgown pic :-)

Matt then reported the upload of an interesting "fanrecording" of the encore from her last gig of the Double Rainbow tour to the tracker. Seems someone intercepted the frequency from her mic (something similar was posted a while back for MM) as evident by some static here and there. So it's her voice in the foreground and the music and audience subdued in the background (whatever is caught by that mic).

zam came up with a little off-topic post. Theres a little Aya in it so it kinda relevant ... this is a vid where Miki gives a tour of a replica of the house the house in Tonari no Totoro. Aya is in the top-left corner vid insert. As Matt explained: That's from the Namahousou! Iyoiyo Hajimaru Aichi Expo SP - EXPO Super Guide (20050325). I actually made a page with caps from it some time ago.

  And another batch of new pics from her tour:

Matt of course loved the red hat. but silenceglaive insisted that the red hat is really fitting in that outfit ... And is she singing Momoiro in that red outfit? The hand pose in pic one looks like that ^^ btw why does she have only one fingernail purple and then a different one on each hand? Lucky charm? Matt (in his resposibility as Aya's nailpolish caddy) had to confess to that: Okay okay, I admit: I screwed up. There wasn't enough purple left and no time for a re-paint before the gig. I had to listen through an entire C-ute album as punishment.

In the unfortunately last edition of that little TV Tokyo feature "Kotoba Saku" Aya gets a letter from her mom :-)

Thanks to ILoveMico (who made Matt aware of the torrent) and gryzze (the original uploader at d-addicts who was kind enough to reseed it), a HQ version of "Inochi no Kiseki" was uploaded to the archives. And some more new pics. The first four are from the calendar sets, the others were labelled "'15th Nagoya motor show' meeting place commemoration set". Hey, don't ask me...

About the last picture Ninja-Kat pondered: Been staring at this pic for a good bit now. Only thing I can think of is how she looks like someones kid sister in a night gown. Not sure if it's the shy smile or the hair style. Perhaps it's the fact she's playing with her fingers. Just struck me as odd since most of the time when I look at a pic of Aya I think ... 1) Damn she's cute/hot or 2)OMG, WTF is wearing??? Just bringing this up since this is the first time I've thought she really looked younger then she is.

silenceglaive followed with his Five Stars radio review: Compared to the one of last week, Ayaya sounded a bit tired this time. The last week she was really busrting with energy and genkieness Well maybe it was due to the obviously cold weather in japan. Since she says "samui" like 500 times in that half hour. So please everybody stay warm and be carefull! (so said Ayaya). Somehow she also pointed out some good things .. like ?Iceskating dates? dunno if I got that right .. and she wears mufflers or she advised to wear one .. dunno... And something about christmas presents and stuff. And that she has much to work. Thinking about the not so energetic thing .. I wondered in between if Ayaya might be a bit sick like catched a little could since her typical high pith reading was a bit off and she also was like 2x slower reading the email adress as usual ... well hopefully I am wrong here.... (a concern which was shared by ChobiMM3 - though Matt assured that a cold can hit anyone I guess. Good thing if something like this happens at a time when she is taking it rather easy)

While making caps for his millenium torrent Matt stumbled over "Spanish" Aya (though silenceglaive prefered her to be Japanese :-) and jw042693 was amused at Aya's Meringue outfit which prompted the usual wardrobe discussion. Lol Which brings us of course to the caps from this Saturday's show. Seems Hisamoto and Takahata went to one of Aya's gigs and brought back some merchandise and experiences. And the male guest's daughter (or kid sister or whatever) is a fan and Aya gives her a wave and a bag with goodies. silenceglaive thought How nice for the daughter to get stuff from Ayaya
The black thingi looks nice, is that a blanket or what?
(a towel) Hrhr and in the one Picture Ayaya reminds me of the old song "Tiger":

Well, that's it again.

Cya next week :-)))