Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 5 (Jan 27 - Feb 2)

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Matt reported the uploading of the Fall concert DVD audio rip on the tracker, a feast not only musically:

Aya's pronounciation of the "r" (or the lack of it) was further discussed, topped again by Fumiko's wit :-)"Japanese students are used to torture from many teachers, we think torture is part of daily human life."

Aya is being featured on the Hello! Project Magazine DVD 10:

Rahvin's warning of the Pachinko game, playing the old videos to the point of overkill brought on a storm of - shall we say - protest...the Mohamed caricatures were a mild infriction in comparsion :-)
Which prompted Matt to design a little warning sign for unsuspecting critics: sailormari suggested an comic book/manga version of Aya which the editor thinks would be a swell idea...

A few pics were posted (the last one was actually not posted, but should have been):

The closeness of Aya and Miki ewas shortly discussed, which was probably put to end by one of Funiko's wonderful manips: and an older promo show for "Naked Songs" was put on the tracker, with some nice shots of Aya:

.a rookie. posted the childhood pics shown of Aya on the last Utawara show on February 28, the second of the birthday specials. jkidd kindly provided needed info for Aya's singing partners on that show:

jkidd asked for the posting of all the Utawara performances which Matt The Geat promised to deliver. Why Za Hitokiri~Gunshin felt compelled to ridicule Matt's deserved new nick is beyond this editor's imagination :-)))

The Gospellers were mentioned with whom Aya sang a few times on various TV shows (gaijin_mmlove provided a link to youtube:)

Aya appeared on another Uta Doki, episode 82, singing "Aa Mujou" and some more images were posted:

And then an embarrassing birthday countdown began....lol

Cya next week :-)