Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 51 (December 16 - December 22)

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Two topics to get things started: laurie333361's question about everyone's favorite Aya concert and our girl's new pitch black haircolor.

laurie started saying I haven't see all of them yet but I really like her 2005 Haru 101kai me no kiss The crowd is so wild during her performances! Nights4Saturn voted for the 2004 Autumn tour. Great song selection, great crowd, great performance while Matt liked the Haropuro Party a lot, but I'm of course a sucker for the acoustic interludes of last year. So I vote for the Shinka no Kisetsu 2006. RobinHead had this to say: I still think Otona no Namida (spring 2006) takes the cake (ahem). She really put up a great show from start to finish. And of course, I wouldn't mind if she did a whole concert with piano and strings.

As for her hair Matt mused what on earth... will you look at her hair color from next week...is she going to join a grunge band????? but neither N4S nor silenceglaive agreed, N4S correcting himself a week later though :-) Everyone hoped though that she wouldn't go blonde like Rika once did...

matadesuyo8 was then kind enough to offer the 2004-02-05 Utaban episode not in the archives (or Matt's possession) . Thanks for that :-)))

ChobiMM3 was looking for scans of the Pucchi Best 8 album curious what the pictures for GAM's "Atsui Tamshii" looked like, but no one had seen any yet.

Next came a batch of new officials, picking up on older themes: Some of the images spurred a little discussion when Chobi's opinion that the fuzzy hat returns! At least she pulls it off well was countered by Ninja-Man who remarked no she doesn't. Don't encourage her. :-)))) Though Matt reminded him that remember. It's cold in the winter, and we don't want our Aya to sneeze during her next dinner show

ILoveMico had been sent a nice item by his best friend Ariel: an interesting photo of an Argentina newspaper, exactly the "Clarin" here: You can see clearly an AYA image, the text on top says " Celebrating anniversaries ", and the text below AYAYA pic says "Aya Masuura was born, japanese singer" and i found this website with one similar thing: http://nothingandall.blogspot.com/2006_06_11_archive.html There appears her born date. so.... These are the perfect proofs of ayaya is a very famous female singer, she appears in one Argentina diary and,in a blog where they places the dates of important events. I must admit , than here in Perú, AYA has few fans, just i know five persons (separately of me) than actually love her, but in South America of H!P been a lot, especially Chile and Mexico. mangomalte and Alienpyon remembered instances of Aya in Mexican and French press too.

Matt reported the archives upload of a small promo from Hare Doki in the archives today (which was also put on the tracker by whiteAngel2). Along with the hilarious 2002 HP Shuffles microphone scramble quiz and posted some newpics while his trusted old internet PC had broken down :-(

Then silenceglaive reviewed the radio show again: Listened to the radio show .. again not so much to understand for me.
Ayaya advertises her dinner show twice this time (at the beginning and at the end). Explaining what a nice and happy holdiay christmas is and so on
Since I do not understand the messages this time and the increased amount of music Ayaya does not talk very much in between too. Hehe I only "saw" that Ayaya is already a while in the business, because she has already some natsukashii (nostalgic) Singles to play .. here it was "Love namida iro" ^^.
Which prompted Chobi to admit I love listened to Love Namida Iro during this season ^^ It's such a cozy song. Something N4S could understand: So true! Love Namida Iro and 100kai no Kiss are perfect this time of year!

Then Matt came with a blast: I WANT THIS.....NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Alienypon even found this GAM Hawaiian FC DVD on an auction: 97 minutes long, damn, it must contain a mini concert, right? I want it like hell, too... Well, in a sense it could be ours for 5000 Yen + postage. Reduced: 79% of original size [ 808 x 128 ] - Click to view full image. But those idiots won't ship outside Japan. The usual story... which brought out the best in shug who asked: Know anyone over there? I'd pay a few extra bucks to get it. Hell, I'd probably sell a testic.. liver to get it. But Alien couldn't help: If I did, you would be downloading this dvd from the tracker right now! Sadly, the only resident of Japan that I know personally is 50 years old and does not even know who Ayumi Hamasaki is! Matt suggested: I think we should collect money in this thread and buy ourselves a Japanese middleman.

soup originally mistook the Dvd for the Double Rainbow First Press Special Event which was just as well ashe also brought us this link for the event:

 Matt and N4S came up with some Aya seasonal greetings

Lots of Merry Xmas greetings followed, enhanced by Fumi's giant and jabigjabig's HO header find

Fumi even topped herself this time with the GAM Friendship Comix Presents! "I wish New Year will be like this..."

Matt was part of this one as you will see: Thank you Fumi. I'm flattered (though Miki was a so much more impatient customer than Aya...)

Ruri-chan ~Fake Sayumi's quest for a HQ version of Gomattou's "Shall We Love" was ended by fellow South American ILovemico :-)

And Alienpyon wrote a very handy belated user's manual for "Double Rainbow"
1. Buy it
2. Don't like it as much as Ayaya's previous albums.
3. Shelf it
4. Listen to punk and / or hardcore for one month
5. Don't listen to Ayaya under any circumstances during this month
6. Dig "Double Rainbow" out
7. Now LIKE IT!!!! *

Sounds stupid, but worked perfectly with me!
* If you still don't like tracks 3 and 4, it's normal, don't worry!
discofever wanted to try that out. But no reports yet :-)

Marcello was asking whether there was a ST for "Sukedachi" (which there ain't), but Matt promised to take care of that (makes a note to finally complete it...). Marcello was saddened but posted this nice pic nevertheless

And N4S (in total disregard for this editor's temporary slow connection...) uploaded a magnificent 12GB iso of "Ao no Honoo": Its a special two disc set, where the second disk contains a bunch of bonus material about our Ayaya! I have both discs up in ISO format. It also came with a cassette of her talking, which I have ripped to MP3. I also included a bunch of scans!

Matt, while doing the caps for today's Archives upload (the 2002-02-07 Utaban) I made these. The first one is...well...what can I say...

Alien understood what Matt meant :-) and reported about Aya being a front runner of sorts...:
On other news, I received Hitomi Shiomatani's "Cover song collection".
Let's get into some detail:-
Shimatani is a pop singer. However, in this album she's following a jazzy direction.
- As the title implies, this is a collection of covers (not self-covers, but covers, nonetheless)
- The limited version of the cd is accompanied by a dvd with live-in-the-studio performances of the cd tracks.
Does all this ring a bell?!

Technically the next montages from that GAM FC DVD belong to next week's review, but since this was topic already (and the Meringue were caps were late as well). Btw I am here omitting the Miki solo pics that I posted in the thread by mistake...

And with this I say

Cya next week :-)))