Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 6 (Feb 3 - Feb 10)

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After some birthday wishes for yours truly lucky Alienpyon posted the cover for the Fall Concert Tour DVD he just received:

And Fumiko posted a bday freeting from Aya which was less than flattering....

Matt contributed a picture of Ayaya in a Swiss dirndl (why I can't remember anymore :-) which was later improved by tern

mogxiii then showed us the upcoming Valentine Cardand Matt designed a playing cards deck with Aya images

The discussion of Aya and the Gospellers continued unti tern graciously provided a mp3 and the 170MB mpg, "Love Namidairo" being the song.

Fumiko came forth with an interesting audio piece (an audio show rip?) for which tern found the following link: http://www.boobooboo.net/top/index.php

supapurin provided a nice image of Aya and Miki (with a typical facial expression :-)

wildstarr reported an Ayaya gossip sighting on wikipedia: "She is the long rumored girlfriend of lead vocalist Keita Tachibana from the group w-inds" which brought about a discussion about the truths and values of such rumors/truths/relationships.

The Fall Concert was further debated, especially the different GAM versions, the funny brass sequence and Ayaya's tearful monologue which Matt suggested was about her concert date cancellations.

supapurin then pasted three links to Aya commercials:

tern then gave us a wonderful huge rar with 1200+ Aya images;

and jkidd interrogated about a four year old performance (http://www.veoh.com/videos/e149113qc6c9hKs...231482523730113) which was identified later as the NHK Kayou Charity Concert 2002-09-21

Marida reminded us of the wonderful Hello Pro Hour performance of Aya and Maki, singing "Memory"

and rahvin rightfully noted Aya's performance as an actress in "Ao No Honoo".

Finally Matt, having returned from abusiness trip, closed the week with a few images:

Cya next week :-)))