Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 7 (Feb 11 - Feb 17)

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The week started off with tern posting some Ayaya mp3s and the NHK Kayou Charity Concert clip talked about last week.

And after a discussion of Aya's curves :-) Matt posted some images:

The bespectacled Aya brings forth guesswork about her optical frailness - the common guess is nearsightedness. Though weak sight or not - her yes are still beautiful

And then on the 13th it's our beloved Fumiko's birthday :-)))))

Fumiko is much better at cartoons than me, here's her happy one:

The plight of wiki.theppn is a topic, as again is Aya and Miki's closeness, culminating in the fact that they take baths (or is showers?) together. supapurin reports:
Back on an episode of Bistro SMAP (on SMAP x SMAP) when Matsuura Aya was the guest for the week (and Miki was a soloist),
Nakai asked Aya if she has any friends in H!P. Aya replied that she and Miki stay over at each other's houses alot, cook dinner, watch TV and movies, and take baths.
Nakai then asked if they were nude when they bathed together. Aya blushed and replied, "Well, yeah, it is a bath..."
Though admittedly without looking....plus the fact that public bathing (and bathing with friends) is supposed to be a common trade in Japan.

QazYseult posts a link to the "Goodbye Natsuo" PV, portraying Aya Man-like , with tern mentioning his more favorite close-up version.

Matt reported the uploading of a 2006 Ayaya Golf / Ice Tea commercialand continued with some more Kimono pics from the Winter tour:

The third from left top row brought some worries to mixedmedia's mind relating to Aya's teeth coloring. His explanation was an excessive enjoyment of that icetea Aya is promoting which certainly is a nicer one than smoking. A mess-up in the photo's color or the lighting might also be the case. If not then Aya should really get some teeth whitening at her next dentist's appointment... The pic also reminded mixedmedia of the funny skit at the New Year's show when Yossie was imitating Ayaya:

To round off the week Matt posted some more pics from the same concert:

Cya next week :-)