Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 8 (Feb 18 - Feb 24)

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First off Nessy fell victim to Japanese advertisement:
"So today I went to this Japanese marketplace... And I bought Gogo no Koucha milk tea! I spent really a long time trying to find the exact right brand n everything. While I was drinking it I kept having to surpress the urge to throw my head back, take a really long swig, and go "AH!"
It was actually pretty tasty, although a lil' too sweet for my tastes. Kinda like regular iced tea...with milk in it...a little watered down...a lot of sugar...and maybe some fruit flavoring?"
This made several members contribute their thoughts on various types of tea :-)

Then Matt felt compelled to share his latest work based on too much free time and useless activism in removing all the "SAMPLE" text off the sample images from the 2007 Winter 2007 Concert Photobook. They basically look like this now (oh and here's the rar):

tern then posted that video from the New Year's show a few years back that was talked about last week:I have converted it to rm to reduce the size (and include it on this review - just click on the picture)

Alienpyon then raised the question about the legality of promoting two products in one spot (wearing Adidas clothing in the tea commercial) to which no one really had a decisive answer. Good question though. Hopefully Ayaya will get paid by both companies :-)

Then Matt started his usual picture postings (again from the Winter 2007 tour):

Followed by some more assorted images (sigh):

which resulted in some member suffering from nosebleed or a hook to the jaw which prompted Matt to suggest a weapons permit for Ayaya pictures. Especially the Rakuten Eagles uniform brought a round of applause from the members.

rahvin posted a link to a video from Ayaya's 2002 First Date concert tour (here's the URL in case the plugin doesn't work: http://www.dailymotion.com/visited/search/aya%2Bmatsuura/video/xsts1_remembers):

Aya appeared on another Uta Doki on February 22, singing "Diamonds":

And a new? commercial appeared on the tracker: supapurin was able to identify what it's for:
"It's for Youfuku no Aoyama, a clothing company targeting salarymen - and yet another company that Aya is the spokesgirl for. Her ads tend to specifically target "Freshmen" - the newly hired."

Maiko ^o^ brought us the great news of the new upcoming third GAM single, with the typically Tsunku-poetic title "Lu Lu Lu". The outfits reminded Matt of the 50s clothing revival during the Natsu no Kayo tour which was confirmed by Alienpyon with this nice gif:

To close the week supapurin reminded us of the Uta Dokis Aya has appeared in:

Cya next week :-)