Aya Matsuura thread 2007 Week 9 (Feb 25 - Mar 3)

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The focal point of discussion this week was of course the new GAM single "Lu Lu Lu", everybody (well, the men at least) imagening and hoping that it would include a shower scene, picking up on Aya and Miki's preference to take baths together. After all Aya had appeared in a shower before...(Momoiro Kataomoi PV)
Everybody is hoping for a GAM album this year, maybe accompanying the summer tour (here's the schedule:)

Matt posted the first round of pictures:

Btw the weekly review has a redirect now: You can bookmark http://here.is/ayaya :-)

Then came two questions which led to a couple of very nice discoveries. Alienpyon enquiring about the "Best of" Hawaii edition, and marqual asking about the "Aya no DNA" TV shows which turned out to be a 4?-part minidorama from 2003 (still availble on DVD btw).
marqual not only provided some caps, but also uploaded the first two episodes he found on the HO irc channel (if anone with irc experience - server Efnet channel #Hello!Online /ctcp HPS-serv mou ichido - can get the other two the thread members would be grateful :-). Here are the subbed episodes One and Two. And as tern (welcome back :-) reminded us: Aya IS badass!!!

An audio rip of the GAM songs from Dokimiki Night was posted: Lu Lu Lu (later adding a HQ one) and the flip side Family.

On the Hawaii front Marcello was helping Matt to succesfully complete the emule download: Marcello also uploaded the three songs (100 Kai no Kiss, Tropical Koishite~ru, Ne~e) with special arrangements on rapidshare and Badongo, while Matt posted the whole album on the tracker.

Alien was so happy that he just had to post an Ayaya in return :-) and Matt upped a rar with Ayaya winamps
(click on the picture to be directed to the original site)

Marcello the posted a link to a clip from Aya's Summer tour where she was playing the melodica :-)

Matt thought that it was nice tribute to Chisato Moritaka (who wrote the lyrics to "Watarasebashi" and made it a hit the first time around) who played the flute in her
"Lucky 7" concert: To compare here are screencaps from Alien:Aya's technical virtuosity has its limits here but it is very charming nevertheless (or maybe because of it :-)

Marcello then wanted to know about a DVD on www.play-asia.com which turned out to be Aya DVDs subtitled in Chinese for which jkidd provided some more links.

alterstar then followed with another youtube link: with Aya and Melon Kinenbi singing "Dokki! Doki Love Mail" accapella. It was identified as being from her 2005 Concert Tour "Haru 101kaime no Kiss - Hand in Hand".

Greyface liking the new pimphat Matt posted some pics:

sailormari thought that Aya did look more mature (probably enhanced by the hairdo) which was generally agreed upon as not a bad thing :-)

March 1 proved to be a good day for Aya fans on the tracker: She was appearing on MTV's M Size, on episode 102 of Uta Doki! with Atsuko Inaba singing "Banri no kawa"and new (as well as 41 old) audio rips from the Fuji Earth Travel TV reports.

QazYseult then marveled over Aya sinking her face into a cream pie: sailormari suspected Miki behind this, but in fact it was Aya's birthday celebration on stage:
Alienpyon (who provided the nice gif) also posted a picture of himself looking like Aya after the cake incident:

To close off the week the second round of pics:.Especially two pictures made Stees wonder which prompted another insult from Matt: "Do you mean that rosee-operattaish and pseudo cow-boyhatlike combo that would guarantee her an eternal place on Mr. Blackwell's worst dressed list (if she didn't have that already)?" Please forgive your editor as he sometimes does not know what he is saying....

Cya next week :-)