The Matsuurian Music & TV Channel


All files are streamed from my website, so I will limit it to six mp3s and one video. I will put up new stuff every two weeks.
Requests are welcome and should be voiced in the chat box or the guestbook. Oh, and don't request whole concerts. Lol


Nine songs starting with "C". Wanna find out more about the songs go to the songs database :-)

Camouflage (STB139 2008)

Chance no Maegami (Mariya musical 2008 w/ Marcia)

Chance of Love (HP Elder Club 2006 w/ Maeda-Otani-Yasuda)

Choo Choo Train (Utawara 2005 w/ Yu Yamada)

Christmas Eve (Xmas Dinner Show 2008)

Chu Natsu Party (3nin Matsuri single 2001)

Chuuou Kaisatsu (Album Omoi Afurete 2008)

Click You Link Me (Album 2010)

Chocolate Damashii (HP Concert 2009 Aki)