Correspondence with regarding spam via that server

All mails were sent by representing the newsgroup whose charter and FAQ
(which can be viewed at prohibit the sending of spam.

Almost ALL those spam post originate from one source, the Asian spammer with the dubious domains (see here). After having successfully chased him off 100proofnews after a four-month battle active-news (who have a history of being lenient towards spam even to a point when they simply disengaged their email server for a month so that no abuse reports could be sent) has taken over seamlessly. This is quite evident as several servers used by the spam source in the interim (buzzardnews, neesfeeds, astraweb, wwwspace and newsgroups-download) were able to get rid of him within a matter of days. does not sent confirmations for abuse reports and refuses to reply even on direct attempts to communicate with them. They simply ignore matters. For their past history you can find some posts from here. The spammer alternated between active-news and who claim to have nothing to with active-news...

Until all of a sudden the posts stopped...

IMPORTANT: Fact is that both Athenanews and active-news are resellers of who are therefore responsible for the spam.


7-10. April 2006 (25 abuse reports sent)
11-18. April 2006 (29 abuse reports sent)
21-30. April 2006 (24 abuse reports sent)
1-10. May 2006 (36 abuse reports sent)
11-20. May 2006 (11 abuse reports sent)

125 reports altogether