FAQ for alt.binaries.japan.iroppoi
Verson 2.0
March 20, 2013

The FAQ can also be viewed at at our webpresence http://abpeaf.com/usenet/abjir.htm
You can reach me at abji@operamail.com or ping me in the group.

FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions. Nothing more, nothing less.
It's not a law that will mean punishment when broken. But it is a guideline set up by those who established and run the group to make sure it remains true to its purpose. There's no way to enforce a FAQ anyhow. So it is simple courtesy to respect the FAQ. And that should be of even higher importance. Thank you for understanding.
Plus there are some very helpful hints along the way :-) Under Add 5 Mac users can get some help

1.Q: What content can be posted here?
1.A: Basically everything of an erotic or pornographic nature. The models have to be Asian and female though. A posting of a man is only allowed when he is involved in sexual activities with a woman :-) And most importantly: The models must be known. Videos and pics of models with no names should go to alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.asian-female.

2.Q: What files can I post?
2.A: Pictures and videos. No spam and no virus infected stuff.

3.Q: Any age limit for the models?
3.A: NO UNDERAGE NUDITY. If in doubt don't post. Upwards the models should be presentable to the human eye :-)

4.Q: What did you say about spam?
4.A: I said NO spam. Every spam post will result in a spam abuse written to your news server.

5.Q: Can I request a certain model or ask for an ID?
5.A: Of course you can. Whether someone has what you want is another matter.

7.Q: Can I crosspost to other groups?
7.A: No.

8.Q: Can I zip or rar my posts?
8.A: Yes. Picture posts should be single-posts though, with an index attached.

9.Q: What about yEnc or encryption?
9.A: yEnc is fine (see below in Add 2 for information). Encryption isn't. We have no secrets here :-)

13.Q: What about the posting of software?
13.A: When requested such posting is allowed when it is software related to usenet or binary files (such as posters, newsreaders, verifying, dupechecking, video players, codecs and such). They should however not exceed about 10MB (Windows XP or Photoshop belong in the warez groups) and should not be cracked versions or contain patches, cracks or serial numbers. There are places to get these. But this group should not contain illegal binaries.

14.Q: Anything else?
14.A: Oh yes. This group doesn't take itself too seriously. And neither should you. It should be a fun group. So be nice to each other and share the ladies you are fond of. This is not a matter of life and death. I have seen so much crap on usenet lately and I am sick and tired of it.

Oh, and feel free if you think it worthwhile or important to add something to this FAQ.

Owner, Tenant and Janitor of

Honk, if you like idols :-)

Add 1
The simplest way is Irfanview which is freeware (http://www.irfanview.com). And a damn good pic and vid viewing proggie too.
Be sure you have the latest version of irfanview... as Irfan is constantly working on improvements... then, to make an index, open a folder of files that you wish to index. Open the first file, then on Irfanviews main menu, Click File> Thumbnails.... the whole folder will appear in a new Irfanview window as thumbs (with or without a directory tree... you can choose if you want to see the tree or not) Then in the Thumbnail Window, Click Options to change the size of the thumbs etc... Irfanview wil present all thumnails in one window.. Click Options>Select All> Save selected Thumbnails as an Image. Voila
ThumbsPlus is a more advanced (and bigger) program. You'll find the URL in any searchengine I'm sure.

Add 2
You can't see any pics, just a lot of scrambled text?
Then you are probably using Outhouse Excess as a newsreader.
To make a long story short it is necessary to encode binary files (like pictures or videos or software) and then have it de-encoded by your newsreader in order to send those files at all as usenet was originally conceived for text messages only. There have been a number of encoding schemes in the past (base64, UUE and now yEnc). The advantage of yEnc is that it makes the data smaller in size, meaning faster up-and downloads. yEnc is open source and free and our good friends at Microsoft, not being able to make any profit out of it, refuse to make OE yEnc-compatible.
http://www.yenc.org/ has a page on OE

Freeware Newsreaders:
Aside from Agent (www.forteinc.com)
XNews is a very good freeware newsreader (http://xnews.newsguy.com/)

Remember one thing: The poster goes to a lot of trouble collecting, assembling, indexing and posting stuff. The least YOU can do is getting the necessary software to collect the goodies. After all, you don't ride a bicycle on the highway, do you?
If you have any difficulties with anything don't hesitate to ask!

Add 3
A valuable link on usenet is also http://www.newsreaders.com/

Add 4
Some helpful tools you will need in usenet:
1) hjsplit
You sometimes will come across files with endings like .001, .002 etc.
These are split files. They have been split to make an up- and download more managable. You can combine these files with a little freeware proggie that can be found at http://www.freebyte.com/hjsplit/

2) QuickPar and SmartPar
You sometimes come across files with endings like .par2 (or. .p01, .p02 etc.)
Especially mediocre servers can lose posts (or parts of them). With QuickPar (or the earlier version SmartPar - both freeware) you can reconstruct missing or corrupt files.
Quick Par can be found at http://www.quickpar.org.uk/. SmartPar at http://download.freenet.de/archiv_s/smartpar_4117.html
A good tutorial can be found at http://www.binaries4all.com/quickpar/

3) WinRar
You sometimes come across files with endings like .rar (or .r01, r.02 etc.)
These are files that have been packed (a bit like zip only with more options) with WinRar. WinRar is not freeware but you can get a trial version at http://www.rarlab.com/. A free source for rar files can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/sevenzip.

4) VideoLan
There are a lot of good players but this is a handsome little freeware that can handle almost everything. You can find it at http://www.videolan.org/

5) Media Player Classic
The most used media player around. Part of the K-lite codec, it can also be downloaded here: http://mpc-hc.org/


Add 5

This section is for the Mac users (thx Arragon :-)

Recommend Newsreader: Unison from Panic (http://panic.com/unison/)
It is possible that Microsoftョ Entourageョ (which is Outlook for Mac)
has the same problems like OE (but I don't think so).

To create vidcaps under OS X you can use the VLC media player
(http://www.videolan.org/vlc/) with the hotkey Option-Command-S.

As a file joiner you can use MacHasha (http://www.julifos.com/soft/machacha/index.html)

For par files there is MacPar deLuxe (http://gp.home.xs4all.nl/Site/MacPAR_deLuxe.html)
- to use MacPar with MacHasha goto to Preferences > Processing > Concat > Modify > Open with...
- to stop the nagscreens click on Donation > I alraidy paid!

Regarding Winrar, at http://www.rarlab.com/ you can download the rar command line
program (not free). SimplyRAR
(http://simplyrar.en.softonic.com/mac) intends to
become a GUI for rar, but is not yet complete.
HowTo create a split archive with commandline rar: open OS X's Terminal
and enter
rar a -ep -v102400k -m5 "The RAR file.rar" "File to compress"
to create an archive with 100mb volume size and best compression. Hint:
Drag files from Finder to Terminal


Add 6
On a personal note I would like to thank some peeps who have supported the groups with posts, advice and enthusiasm:
(in alphabetical order) AlicE, annatar, Arragon, braver, Clark Kent, Dinky, General Guderian, Ghadzuux, Marco Polo, minachan, MinoriFan, None Given, PaperSleuth, Pig Vomit, RicX, Techie and VM.
I love you guys :-)