Aya Matsuura thread 2008 Week 1 (January 1 - January 7)

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Alienpyon started the year in nice fashion posting his scans of the cards that came with the limited version of "Zutto Suki De Ii Desu Ka".

A higher res scan proved to be unsatisfactory.

A lof folks brought us New Year's wishes, Fumi with Aya's help:

And Matt announced his new project: Still needs a LOT of work before I will go public. And I don't expect it to become a huge hit. But it might help to gather information in a more concentrated form. While I've opted to do it on a forum server (hosting 228659 boards with 1838800 members - so I hope they're reliable :-) instead of installing one myself without any mySQL knowledge, I decided to go with the IP Board (the same that HO is based on), and that is a bit more difficult to fine-tune. But it's making good progress. I have even uploaded all the emoticons from here that weren't on there, so that you will feel right at home. Lol

lovemusic posted three more dinner shows (also available in the archives) and Vermillion wrote a loving tribute to our lady: I'm a fan of Aya Matsuura because she has it all: she has a beautiful voice, a beautiful face and body, has acting talent, and she's cute and dorky in a lovable way. The most of the other HP girls have just one of these attributes (example: Koharu looks cute but can't sing worth beans; Miki is very pretty, but I don't find her cute or lovable.) I was initially attracted to Aya because of her looks (there's something so striking about her eyes) and I thought she was just an actress, but when I found out she was a singer I found I really liked her music too. Her early songs were fun to listen to and had really cute PVs. As I listened to her voice, I found her to be one the best singers I have ever heard. I only understand a few Japanese words, but I listen to the way she sings and how she hits notes so perfectly-- its beautiful. The version of "Happiness" from her 2006 concert dvd(Thanks Matt for the MP3 of that song from your torrent, btw) where she is accompanied by just an acoustic guitar and a tambourine is so heartfelt and beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes sometimes. The HP girls with less singing talent can hide it when they are singing in a large group and with studio vocal processing, but I notice that Aya's voice actually sounds better most of the time when she is singing in concert (if shes not dancing or jumping around while singing :-)

Matt found a "lottery card" (probably each HP girl has one), no idea what this is though: But it gave Fumi the opportunity to joke: Wow! Which part scratch off? LOL! Followed by Shug: I'm hoping that's the prize cause I already know where to scratch. Now, Where do I buy a ticket? and Matt: Now if there was some cleavage on there....... and Fumi again: Don't scratch there! rub gently! you know better, yes? Matt's effort to calm down the thread: If Aya had known what she would do to this thread she would have worn a nun's habit was made to naught by Tuhus when he added: ... made out of rubber. Finally Nights4Saturn gave us a nice reality check: I think we're starting to stray a little. Really, guys? c'mon..., adding a nice picture All this reminded Tuhis of a classic movie character: Mammy: It ain't fittin'... it ain't fittin'. It jes' ain't fittin'... It ain't fittin'. which prompted a little misunderstanding with Shug :-))) I haven't seen that picture of Aya before.
ZippityDoodaa, what an actress!

Alienpyon had a very good week: Three limited Ayayas that I received in the course of this week. I don't get it, I just don't! "First Kiss" and "good bye Natsuo" were untouched! The outer plastic wrapping had been opened, but the inner wrapping (the one around the disc) had not been removed! So, the guy who owned the cds just bought them, checked out the PBs and... sold them ????????!!!!!!!!!!!! shug admitted: I have a few CDs that haven't been opened. I buy to support the artist but then I end up getting impatient and downloading before it arrives. I may sometimes open it to read the insert which is rare though. In that case I do have some that have been opened and not played.
The biggest difference here is, I would never sell any of my Aya stuff. It's all coming in the box with me when I go, haha.
And Alien added: LOL! Damn right! What's more, second hand cds at stores in Japan are sold at under 200 Yen (=1,5 Euro), which means that the store bought it for even less. I wonder how people could sell their Ayayas for, let's say, 100 yen. Plain stupid...

Next came silenceglaive with his radio show reviews: So~~~ I should catch up with the last 2 radio shows. Which are the Christmas and the New Year Show.
The Christmas Show starts with Ayaya pointing out that it's Christmas (who had thought that ^^ ). She read imho 2 Fanmails this time. The first was praising Ayaya radio show and how much he likes it and so on. The second one did praise Ayayas Dinner show (I hope I did not missunderstand but she had the show already back then ne?). He said which songs were his favourite and how sexy Ayaya looked.
The Ayaya Corner was filled with her saying how unfortunate it is for her to have to ork on Christmas and how her friends would do a party (although I did not understand if she'd hurry there after she did the show). So far I could understand that they would also do karaoke. She closes with a Merry Christmas.
Let's guess ^^ .. Yes she starts the new Year show with the "Happy New Year" speech Who didn't want that from Ayaya ^^? The Mail reading part is a bit strange this time since I must have overheard the mail What I cocluded from the not understanding much was that the question was about work and private things of Ayaya .. dunno exactly what she said.
The personality Corner was better Firstly she "complains" about how cold it is That she likes hot weather more so one can wear lighter stuff and swimmsuits and stuff. Then she comes across some DVD (didn't understand what film) and eplains what she played at (?her?) Wii ^^. Bomberman anyone? Also Wiifit ... I hope you all have seen the fabulous 2 Haromoni@ episodes with MM doing Wiifit games. Urg then she said good things about Justin Timberlake O_o o_O I stopped listening when she said the name and waited till that part was over. Just right before the ending she also tells about the new single in February.
That's for the 2 shows (Lucky me not so many listen to it here so there are no ppl shaking heads in disbelieve how much I did not understand or missunderstood).
Next happy mail was for Chobi who received her black scarf making her a happy fangirl: Hehe just in time; It's freezing in New York right now! Which irritated Shug: Aaaarghh, how can you open it. I'm in Chicago and it's freezing here too. Got mine a couple of days ago and it's staying in the bag. I do pick it up every few minutes though and think about putting it on. If I sat at the computer wearing it would that be weird?.................Don't say anything, I know the answer. Chobi replied: The thought of keeping it wrapped in plastic did cross my mind, but I didn't pay $41.50 just to stare at it. And no, that's not weird at all; I'm wearing it now too. And Shug suggested: Good point about the money. Hey maybe we can become this weird little cult that sit at our computers huddled in our Aya scarfs all day. Anyone in? We could call it, eh...............lets see:
"Wearing Our Terrific Aya Stuff". But I think we'd have to shorten it somehow. Any ideas?
Poor scarfless soup pondered: I'm tempted... I always wanted to wrap Aya around my neck Is it warm? (which Chobi affirmed)

The first Elder Club concert brought forth a batch of new officials: and a montage from the HP DVD Magazine 13: Chobi thought: Hm, I wonder if Ayaya is wearing extensions? It seems like her hair has grown really fast since Egao's release. Her hair seemed pretty short then, at least compared to what it is now. N4S answered: I know she has in the past. Just look at her on Yume Ongakukan. Her hair changes length between the talk and performance segments! So, I'd be inclined to say that's probably a yes!

One of the pics was labbelled "Happy Bag" and Matt's curiosity of what that meant was answered by Fumi: For H!O members: If H!P is selling Happy Bag or Happy Box at concert, this is fun! box or bag with goods related to this singer, always worth more than cost, always surprise to buyer! This is kind of modern tradition for New Year in Japan, many singers do this, nice way to remove all unsold merchandise from management company and make a little money for it, but also make fans happy. (If you look at eBay right now you will see Happy Box from Ai Otsuka currently for sale, about $69 but already opened so no fun! also one from BoA Kwon. If I bought such from my favorite singer, I would not sell.)

The first Elder Club fanrecordings surfaced, the first one being ruined by "Ayaya" shouting wotas though. Matt explained: I think every second visitor is doing that. No matter where you will stand recording you will always have those "Ayayas". Her two co-moderators at Meringue went to a gig on her DR tour and were equally impressed by those shouts. And Aya just nodded knowingly. And Chobi went on: They must have witnessed the extent of the Ayaya fandom Heh I think the most impressive Ayaya fan I ever saw was the one pictured in the Cruising the Anime City book. Don't know if anyone has seen it, but this guy is wearing a kamikaze sort of jacket adorned with pictures of Ayaya. Plus he also have it embroidered saying he is willing to die for her; as dedicated as a member of Al Qaeda.

ILoveMico found what turned out to be the Haropuro Yanen radio show website. Several nice pics were saved from there:

Marcello brought us a video of Zettai Tokeru Mondai X=? from the Concert Tour 2006 ~Aki Shinka no Kisetsu~

Matt found some more new officials: Chobi especially liked the last one: Holy sweet Jesus... *dies* I LOVE this one; it should seriously be illegal to be this pretty No wait, that would suck cause then we wouldn't get to see these pics or hear her music.

PNZ found the funny clip with Aya imitating a Fax machine:

Alienpyon was asking Do any of you know if this is the complete packaging of "Nee" single (LTD version)? The price is right, but I feel something is missing... which was answered by SuMatsuura: You're right, the limited edition comes with a special packing and a sticker.

Lastly Matt announced the opening of the BBS (but we will save that for nexct week...)

Cya then :-)))