Aya Matsuura thread 2008 Week 4 (January 22 - January 28)

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The first images from the Double Rainbow tour DVD appeared:
Cobi thought that the back cover was uber love! :-)

kitamurafan wrote the first review: I bought the Double Rainbow DVD last night and watched it after I got home. I loved it, it was like being back at the concert. Since nothing changed (costumes, set, set list, etc.) even though it was filmed in Tokyo I almost felt like I was back in the Osaka concert. The thing I've noticed about Aya is that she really seems to enjoy herself out there. It looks like she has a ball. And luckily the costumes weren't as terrible as some concerts. I really like the Double Rainbow CD. Hikkosenai Kimochi is my favorite song from the CD, I love the almost-military-style rhythm. Just wanted to share my thoughts on the DVD, I was smiling the whole time. And I had a better seat than I did at the actual concert. P.S. Which concert had the tribble costume and "When the Saints Go Marching In" leading into The Bigaku. I'd like to look for it on DVD. Love that intro. (Shug then pointed out that it was the Matsuura Aya Concert Tour 2006 Aki ~Shinka no Kisetsu...~ event). Though Azagrath felt: A little disappointed with the new dvd. Too much Double Rainbow stuff for me... (I know that's the point though, seeing as it's her latest album. I just prefer her earlier stuff. Then again, I have the old concert dvds for that, so I'm not really complaining.) One thing I'm getting a little tired of are all the damn costumes. Why do singers have to dress up in these ridiculous dresses/outfits when they 1. look totally out of place a lot of the time, and 2. when they look so much hotter wearing something a lot less "fluffy" and overblown (not to mention that Ayaya doesn't exactly have the best trackrecord when it comes to good taste in costumes). It's the same thing with someone like Ayumi Hamasaki for example. Bleh. Ah well, just a personal rant... And Kreuz Asakura agreed: yeah... I never have understood all those outfits either Sometimes, its so big and they too small. Though kitamurafan countered: But you have to admit, that costume change at the beginning of Love Namida Iro is one of the best. Both Azagrath and Nights4Saturn agreed on that one :-) The great pillika made her first appearance on the Aya thread!! i think the "double rainbow" tour is one of her best, her voice is simply amazing. i'm tired of "old stuff" like her first single i prefer new one or b-side =). I bought the double rainbow tour dvd and this one is in my top 3 with the "shinka no kisetsu" and the "matsu crystal" tour =) Incidentally Matt commented: What baffles me is the lack of promotion going on for the concert DVD. No radio appearances, no promo messages anywhere. No TV appearances scheduled. Okay, there's the HP tour still going on, but most of this stuff could have been produced beforehand...
Last word goes to Alienpyon though on this: 1. It's amazing how good the new songs sound live. Even "Blue Bird", which I kind of dislike in the cd, is brilliant!
2. No "Naked songs" in the setlist, once again! I told you guys, this album is cursed! No wonder Ayaya did not tour after its release!
3. It was so good to see that, finally, UFA invested some extra Yen on live shows. After Goto's last concert tour, it was Ayaya's turn to have a superb stage set, some fancy effects etc
4. Aya on stage is hard to beat! Thank you, Gods Of Music, for this gift called Aya Matsuura
5. Pink Floyd's live shows can eat me:

mangomalte then reported about it appearing on the tracker (and of course it's in the archives too) as well as the Bishoujo Nikki DVDs! man, she looks so small in those. Bishoujo Nikki DVD I and Bishoujo Nikki DVD II. i'm not sure what the difference of them are... wiki.theppn.org says that it aired from 2000-10-02 to 2001-03-30. that's ~6 months = ~180 days, take away the weekends and it becomes ~128 episodes. the first DVD contains 82 episodes and the second 60 episodes. that's about 15 too many. am i just bad at counting, or? just thought there was too many episodes for that short span of time...

Alienpyon posted two lovely teen pics of Aya

and REtiRO posted a link to that funny clip when Iida came up with Aya's nickname:

Matt found some new officials: QazYseult liked those: O.o Those are AWESOME pics. The "normal" ones are good, as usual, but I really like the stylized ones. They look like they'd make great desktops. And Alienpyon compared the one with the pearl necklaces to a great icon of yesteryear: Marlene Dietrich Nippon-style. STUNNING photo. Though Ninja-Man disagreed: I'm sorry Alien, but I just don't like that look. Too much makeup just makes a girl look cheap and that she's trying to hide something. Maybe some eyeliner or eyeshadow and a nice lip gloss. Here's my philosophy on beautiful women, "Less is more". From makeup to clothing, it is a great truth. On a personal editor's note (and as I didn't seem to comment back then): I have to side with Alien. Performing is also about transforming. Slipping into characters. And Marlene Dietrich and all the great Hollywood divas certainly weren't cheap :-) Finally Chobi concluded: This makes me crave a new Aya PB all the more Tsunku needs to stop giving all the PB glory to Rika and Reina and let Ayaya take the spotlight once again.

Syt brought us megavideo link to a scene from an Utawara episode and sville1999 brought the good news of (finally) a new TV appearance, on Music Fair21.

And with another new face, Kantana, appearing in the thread Matt concluded the week with the Meringue caps (Btw looking at their outfits for whatever reason the intro was taken from the show that will air next week) - more in the Matsuurian BBS:

Last word (and good advice) goes to Alien: Ayaya at work = No work

Cya next week :-)))