Aya Matsuura thread 2008 Week 6 (February 3- February 9)

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Well, the week's first day also marked your editor's 49th birthday, and lma282 made his seond overall post to the forum to be the first to congratulate: Hope that i won't too late to say that. Happy B-Day !! Matt. almost i don't check fourm page when i go to H-O. but today morning just watch fourm page and see it's good day which Matt's B-day. and also i only had a very few posts acount . this is worth for today. And Fumi in collaboation with Aya followed with a lovely greeting: Wow, Matt! she will let you participate in H!P Birthday Tradition! You have washcloth, yes? LOL! Many thanks to all those who send me wishes via PM and at the Matsuurian BBS as well :-))

But on to more important things, like these three pictures from what was labelled "FC Bulletin Vol.40" (whatever that is)

Xiahou Yuan's admission that Sukeban Deka (which gave him nosebleeds btw) was the only Aya movie he could find was adressed by Matt who showed him the link to the archives' chapter...

When Chobi heard about the news about the spring tour she probably correctly assumed: YES!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully this means her 20th single will be in the works again. I mean, she has to have something to promote the tour with, right? ^^ And this is a random thought but wouldn't a joint Aya Matsuura/Koharu Kusumi tour be amazing?! And of course some Kusubashing ensued :-) Matt: You really want to destroy Kusumi's career, don't you? That's like pairing Britney Spears with Ella Fitzgerald. Kreuz Asakura: Koharu and Aya-chan in a tour? That's a big NO I don't have nothing against Koharu, I like her but to be honest I don't like her singing I have big trouble listening the Morning Musume Tanjou 10nen kinentai concert for her. Matt admitted though: I like Kusumi too. Everytime I am feeling down I listen to "Happy" and I'm in a good mood again. But their styles are so drastically different, it would be...welll...an interesting combo. And Alienpyon added: Ayaya + Koharu? Not a bad suggestion. A good opportunity for Ayaya to become 15 again. Opposites attract, by the way, and both girls are notorious for their disgusting stage costumes, so, yeah, in that they have something in common I hope their stage manager (Fumi) keeps the bad taste tradition on the roll. No improvements! Nights4Saturn: I dunno about an Ayaya+Koharu concert... I have no doubt that it would be really fun, and totally upbeat (like Alienpyon suggests, it would be a chance for Ayaya to act really young again), but I really doubt Koharu could stand up on stage with Ayaya and still hold her own... Vemillion: I agree, it would just draw attention to Koharu's lack of vocal talent in comparison with Aya's polished live singing. Maybe if Koharu just danced or did something besides sing it might work. I do hope Chobi can forgive us :-)))
Other suggestions for combos were Aya with Maimi Yajima (taken by Nacchi) and Risako Sugaya. We'll see... Btw Fumi's suggestion for a great tour:
Best Damn Tour In The World = Aya Matsuura + Tomiko Van + (Keiko Matsui and her band + David Sanborn) + Fumiko H in charge of clothing.

stillaibon couldn't wait for page 300 anymore and posted this lovely pic which prompted Kantana to confess At first, I thought she didn't sport a bra in that pic... BAD!

So it was Nights4Saturn who opened the 300th page. This is quite the milestone for our thread!! Chobi brought us this present from deviantart: Alienpyon follow with a cute teen picture: Sorry, my "obsession" with young Ayaya is hard to surpass... (oh don't be sorry.... :-)

Syt posted a short clip with Aya pushing Miki on stage during a concert, and Matt came up with officials from the Xmas dinner show and a Valentine's Day greeting:


Now since the usual Meringiue in 16:9 wasn't posted we had to do with a cropped version. The explanation for it was given last week, but rumors spread. Even a damaged overseas cable was thrown in by Shug. So here are the caps as 4:3 versions.silenceglaive observed correctly: Seems the Hat wearing Ayaya is back in meringe. Although it's not as flashy:

And there were even more caps, this time from a very rare Fanclub DVD: Aya Matsuura - Xmas Time in Hawaii 2003. A big thank you to Himalia for the help here. Accompanied by Country Musume there are Fanclub events and a mini-concert (more caps in the Matsuurian BBS):

Next mangomalte made true on a promise: remember those photocard albums i got from Himalia that i promised to scan? well, it turned out they were empty (lol, why did i assume that there were pictures in them?), but i've scanned the covers at least. sorry for the kinda big file sizes... they were 27 an 21 MB big from the beginning.

envy enquired about what albums to listen to get to know Aya. Matt suggested: Why not start with the Best of...everything on there that made her popular. After that Double Rainbow. All albums and singles available in the archives. Chobi's opinion: I'd have to agree with matt - definitley download Best of; And in my personally opinion I have to suggest her first album, First Kiss. Sweet, classic Ayaya.

And Macchi was wondering if any reason was ever given for ther single postponement/cancellation: you see I thought it might be because of Mikitty but then I don't think Tsunku would make someone else suffer for anothers act so it's strange really.... well I hope to see Aya's career Bloom more than it already has. Usagi no kami replied: ^ A reason was never given for the cancellation. There usually never is and we're just left to our imaginations. And Matt added: As usual thanks to the transparent and detailed information policy of UFA the answer is: No. I'm sure Miki's "punishment" does not play any part in it. I rather think it has to do with the right time to release a single. Maybe they thought it would be better to release it closer to her spring tour in May. Of course why they wouldn't have thought of that before is a good question. Lol

Matt reported the upload of all his (over 30) Gogo no Kocha commercials to the archives. Highly recommended. As well as the edits of the 2001 Bishojo Kyouiku episodes featuring Aya. Wich brought about sweet praise from Fumi :-) Wow, Matt, your devotion is legend. I truly wish I can just take you over to her house and introduce you to her, get this over! but I don't know her and I don't know where she lives, and anyway I'm really afraid to drive in Japan, and you live very far away from both of us! Ah, universe always has so many ways to screw us up, yes?

Xiahou Yuan learned another thing about Aya: Her participation in the weekly talkshow "Meringue no kimochi" for which Matt provided the now wide-screen caps again (more in the Matsuurian BBS):

and a preview from next week Chobi was wondering: Oh, I wonder what she's eating. Judging by her expression it looks yummy! Matt's answer: It was bacon boiled in a some sort of marinade-soup. And as you can see in the next-to-last cap Aya cleared the whole plate :-)

Cya next week :-)))