Timeline for each month runs from the bottom up

Retweet text is marked italic and pink

Links are marked in blue and will open in a new window

Entire retweets from other accounts can be identified by the account's logo
on the left and the name at the end of the tweet in orange

Put your mouse cursor over the and an English translation will pop up
Many thanks to Henkka and misa-chan for them

Aya's own uploaded pics are shown with thumbs which open in a new window when clicked

Pics from other accounts not associated with but retweeted by Aya are shown in grey
and will open in a new window as well

Tweets from people associated with Aya which bear some importance (like pics) have a

bright yellow background

Pics from these tweets are shown in pink and will open in a new window as well

Aya's profile pics:
(Sep 29, 2010 - Nov 9, 2011) (Nov 10, 2011 - Dec 9, 2011) (Dec 10, 2011 - )

Background pic (Dec 10, 2011 - April 10, 2012)



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